Minecraft is Sunsetting!!!!!

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Are you sad about the sunsetting of Minecraft

Yes, RIP 4 vote(s) 26.7%
No 11 vote(s) 73.3%
  1. I have heard that Minecraft is going to sunset in 3mounths over the Minecraft forums. This has been confirmed with the owners of Minecraft. For those of you who do not know what sunsetting is, it is when a game goes away forever. They have said and have done a study on that Minecraft has increased anger in people and is making them act out in a violent manners. As we are still here today let's say are goodbyes to Minecraft and enjoy it as we still got it, they are still opening 1.9 to enjoy are final months.
    this is a joke
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  2. c;
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  3. "Are" and "our" are different words with different meaning and cannot be interchanged.

    Anyways, if tis' was true, I wouldn't be that upset, I'd just talk to my friends from here over Mumble, and maybe get a social life.
  4. Oh darn more Fallout 4 time...
  5. This would have actually been a brilliant idea, seeing Mojang's recent 'developments'.
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  6. i dont believe one word of it. u make it sound as if mc will just poof go away. thats ofc impossible. maybe they stop with new updates, but i could live with that. i wouldnt even mind if EMC would just stay on 1.8, having plenty of fun.
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  7. #Exposed
  8. what's that I see above your signature? ;)

    Hmm, I must be getting old, I think I need my magnifying glass. Seems you even crossed it out :p


    Guess I am getting old (or lazy), totally overlooked Keliris post :)
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  9. Is there any proof you can provide us, like sending the weblink?
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  10. Ew. A social life? Why would you want one of those? :p
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  11. After this scare, may I lighten the mood with my amazing dance moves
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  13. I've read a lot of psychological studies, and I've found no one that provides inferences, as in guess for "why" the results are what they are. This apparent study about Minecraft's community is absolutely no exception.

    { Stop! }

    If there's no proof to the end of Minecraft actually happening (based on what I've searched on-line), then is this entire study FAKE? Is this a joke, or a troll?

    Well, let's just say it isn't real for now. Wait until 1.9 is released next year. By then, there'll probably be a prominent truth somewhere.

    The report is actually a JOKE.
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  15. Thank you for pointing out the statement people.

    What a sneaky thing to hide that to be almost invisible at first glance!
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  16. Well, even though the replies from Mojang aren't real, I think it's worthy to talk about people's attitude in the Minecraft community in general.

    I know the discussion is not valid in this thread, so could somebody make a valid thread and an introduction somewhere else here in the EMC Forums or even on the MC Forums itself?
    Whoever or wherever it starts, I'll definitely be in to talk! ;)
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  17. thats the point to trick people into thinking minecraft is going away
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  18. You're about 8 months late. April fools was in April.
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