Minecraft Hololens at E3 2015

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by MiphaOfTheZora, Jun 15, 2015.

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  1. This has got me so excited about the many possibilities this will bring! I wonder how communities like EMC can utilize this?

  2. what? :O
  3. I'm not saying it's fake, and I sincerely hope that it works, but we can't assume that it is real unless it actually goes on sale / we get a lot of people who have used it saying it's legit. There was something that another game company wanted to do (a kind of artificial intelligence thing that learned) for xBox (I think) a few years ago, and it never really turned out which might happen here. However, I hope it doesn't happen, and that it is actually real, because that would be awesome.
  4. This is going to change Minecraft in a whole new perspective. :D
  5. I don't quite think there's any doubting it's legitimacy, AR technology has come on amazing leaps and something like this was going to happen eventually. What's amazing for me is the link between the Hololens and Tablet.

    But guys, I wouldn't quite count on this coming to EMC lol, it looks like it uses a whole new version of the game, but maybe we'll be able to port PC worlds to it.
  6. I can see the server admins using it to to easily see what's going on on their servers, like following a player closely etc.
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  7. Oh my..

    I'm gonna go into a corner and think about gaming.

    I.. Can't even..

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  8. It does work, it was shown at E3 this morning... If it didn't work they could get into a lot of trouble for false advertising....
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  9. I'm gonna need Aikar to go ahead and start making EMC compatible with this lol
  10. This person had an idea for a Hunger Games server with this.
    The game maker (or whoever controls the hunger games) would be wearing the hololens and changing the game as it goes on, similar to the hunger games.
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  11. You're a girl?!
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