Minecraft Black Screen

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  1. well your probably a windows! D: I'm a Mac user..
  2. I'm Mac too
  3. Guys.. 1) I know how to open my .jar file. 2) I have already deleted the entire minecraft before. I'm pretty sure I've tried it all.
  4. Is there a Mojang support email address you could send a question to? They probably know of the problem
  5. I have no idea what the email would be..
  6. Maybe not a good idea actually, sorry, they've got a bit of a backlog...
  7. Has spoutcraft updated to 1.2.4 yet? Because if it has you could use that?
  8. I am using that now, but I don't see the point, as all I use Minecraft for anymore is EMC :p
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  9. wait what? im using spoutcraft (because it is faster than normal MC) and it works fine for me on emc! im pretty sure that its meant for bukkit servers, as it was posted on the bukkit forums. also if you configure your options in the login screen you can select 1.2.4, which is how im playing! you can also downgrade a LOT so... NOSTALGIA TRIP FTW!
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  10. Like I said Spoutcraft gives you allot of options :)
  11. … now spout craft won't open? wtf? I'm literally about to do a full computer restore.
  12. :O is there any sort of cache thingy? Try deleting that
  13. I fixed it. sorta. I'm currently repairing permissions. Let's hope it fixes it.
  14. Do Mac's have administration privileges? Cause Windows Vista/7 has a option to run it as an administrator, typically meaning it has access to the entire computer and its top priority.
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  15. Just Wondering which Mac OS X are you running?
  16. Lion. Most recent verision. And sort of. If you're on the Admin user you have Admin privileges.
  17. Oh then try running on that. If you are already then i guess there is nothing we can do :(