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  1. Hey guys!
    I just wanted to talk a little about the coming 1.9 minecraft update, and ask some questions of my own for you to answer(if you'd like to...).
    So, I've heard a bunch of stuff about this new coming update, and I've done some researching of my own.
    I have read that they're going to be some new blocks, new type of dungeons added more mobs, and also something that was pretty cool to me, and I actually thought about it myself a few times, is that there is going to be a left hand to the player! So that's probably means that you'll be able to hold two things instead of one.
    I also read about more cool stuff, like that there is going to be a death message, which is going to show up on the player's screen and in chat.
    There are going to be even more cool stuff. Something that really got on my nerve is that dropped item were bouncing on stairs, and that is going to be fixed.
    You should know that there are much more things on this new updates, and also some of the stuff that I wrote maybe even wont happen. If you know more cool stuff about this new update, let me\others to know in the command section below.

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  2. another update -.- i just figured out the 1.8
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  3. Yeah there's cool stuff to come. I'm personally really excited about the path blocks.

    Here's an interesting discussion: Minecraft 1.9 will, obviously, be the last big update until 2.0. When Minecraft 2.0 is released, will one have to purchase Minecraft again, or will they continue on the same Minecraft?
  4. I really agree with you about the dropped item glitch! But I really can't wait for 1.9! I hope it doesn't make my game crash from all the new data :p
  5. I'm really happy you all agree with me, and I am very exited about this new update too!
  6. Minecraft will go to 1.10 and be free
    (90% sure)
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  7. There's always the potential for Minecraft 1.10.1 :p
  8. :eek: purchase the game yet again? XD I better start saving up money just in case :)
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  10. Please don't repat a topic twice, It's also aginest EMC Rules. Also, like I told you, They have a rule for do Threads every 3 hours ONLY. Please don't descause a matter twice. This has already bin discussed by SkyDragonv8. Don't belive me? Press this link, and you'll see;http://empireminecraft.com/threads/a-1-9-thread.52002/. Terribly sorry if the link dosen't work. Anyways, I think I'm dreaming.. maybe It's not a desscused matter.. maybe that's about a different topic. Anyways,menjoy your day.
  11. That's not a rule.

    And yes, HelloKitty is right, there is already a thread for everything 1.9. Posts should be here instead of on this thread to reduce spam and duplicate content.
  12. Last I checked, multiple threads are only illegal if done by the same player. This was done by a different player =P
    As for 1.9, I'm pretty excited to see what's to come and explore as always! =)
  13. Forum police on the prowl. Hide your genuine threads!
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  14. So I haven't broke any rules?... Cause if i did I am really sorry...still new here...
  15. Ok.
  16. Yyyeesssss, I was right for once!
  17. You have broken some rules. But, It's ok. We learn from our mistakes. I was like you when I started. and acuttly, I'm still new. But I've learned a lot.
  18. In case if anybody is wondering why there hasn't been any 1.9 snapshots yet, it's because Dinnerbone said he and the other Minecraft developers have been doing a lot of experimenting and they're unsure on what should be in this combat update. Mojang is also actively taking the community's ideas regarding combat in Minecraft.
    Due to this irregular way of making a major Minecraft update, no snapshots are being released. And they'll probably be no major announcements until Minecon 2015.
  19. Thanks a lot for the support, I'n a little new here too.
  20. No problem, I'm glad to help my friends. I'm still new here to, Buut I've learned a lot, my friends have teached me how to be a good fourm wrighter. That's why I signed up to be on the countribute team! Anyways, if you need help, start a conversation with me at any time.