"Minecraft 1.9: The Combat Update"

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  1. I can't wait for the improved End fight! Like Dragon Tombs, but coming within the foreseeable future!
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  2. Wow. 1.9 info before we are even 1.8......
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  3. Yes. Many people, including my older brother, have argued the combat system of Minecraft to be too simple. This update is very likely to change their viewpoints on the game.

    Regarding what to expect, here are some features that could be possible or have been confirmed to come within this next update:

    - Ability to selectively remove enchantments on items.
    - New Mobs.
    - Overhauling changes to the Ender Dragon and Wither.
    - Additions to Endermites
    - New Sword, Bow, and/or Armor Enchantments.
    - New Additions to the Nether.
    - Spruce, Birch, Jungle, Acacia, and Dark Oak Trapdoors.
    - New Complex Block Type.
    - New Ore(s).
    - New Generated Structures.
    - New Generated Structure(s) in Mesas made of red sandstone.
    - Corn
    - Pressed Dirt (Path Block)

    - And so much more. . .
  4. Many of us already know that EMC's long delay to update to 1.8 can't be helped.

    Bukkit was discontinued by the original developers, Microsoft bought Mojang, and the update has an overwhelming amount of additions and changes to Minecraft. But as I've said before, leave EMC's developers alone. With all of the events that happened to Minecraft from last September through December, development for EMC 1.8 had probably been delayed by at least 3 months.
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  5. Ultimately what delayed us was my IRL being extremely busy the past 3 months, but it was a temporary thing.

    We will get updated soon.

    Mojang might finally have a worthwhile update, but we know they know how to screw things up.
  6. "Soon" isn't an accurate answer to me. Days? Weeks? Months? I have no clue, but I get it that you probably don't have a good estimation for EMC 1.8 yet.

    If there's anytime frame I want us to update, it's between now and before June.

    Who else is with me?
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  7. I still haven't recovered from the trauma of 1.7 terrain generation and the ugliness of new blocks. 1.6, 1.5, 1.4, 1.3, even 1.2. All good updates... but 1.7 removed the games simplicity.
  8. Didn't the 1.10 love thingy also come out? I saw AntVenom play it and it was al over twitte as well
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  9. Of course, the sooner the better, but we can't decide that ourselves. Aikar will work on it until everything is up to scratch and then we'll see it, we just have to be patient. Again though, the sooner the better, so I am sure that many are on your side :)
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  10. I am always joking about this kind of stuff if I want on mobile i would have stated it was a joke. Trusts me I know aikar works hard.
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  11. LOL, that was a giant troll snapshot by Mojang. :p Though, to be fair, it had some of the most fun features ever. It makes me said that I can't have horsies riding on my shoulders on EMC. :(
  12. The only real negative I got in my performance review at work was to work on my ability to estimate things...

    But with MC, you can never really give a real estimate, because its full of gotchas.
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  13. And they finally fixed the boats! (now they only need to make it so they dont sink anymore :p)
  14. 1.9 looks awesome! But we aren't even updated to 1.8 :confused:
  15. The thing I'd love to know is, how well-optimized will it be?
    1.8 is unplayable on my system without Optifine installed, and my rig was upper mid-tier when I built it in Fall '13. Most games don't even give it pause, but 1.8 is just awful for some reason.

    If 1.9 turns out to run more smoothly, I honestly wouldn't mind seeing us jump right to that rather than try updating to a version that gives my computer a digital aneurysm.
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  16. It's potential they will make it worse.
    They did some very bad things in 1.8 is why its so bad. And the more code they add to the game at this point, will exponentially make the problem they did in 1.8 grow.

    So unless they revert one of the biggest code changes they did.... don't have high hopes for performance improvement.
  17. I was under the impression that they fixed the performance issues in 1.8.1, .2, or .3, or was I mistaken?
  18. I actually hate the new updates.
    Prismarine? Nuts. Guardians? Kidding me? New 1.7 generation? *drops dead*.

    So I actually don't want EMC to update soon... Because when I see granite from my perch on the livemap, I will not just drop dead. I will be an example of spontaneous human combustion.
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  19. While I haven't faced the guardians, yet, I would say that 1.8 implemented some lovely blocks such as prismarine, banners, and sea lanterns. I especially like the sea lanterns because they aren't ugly like glowstone or jack-o-lanterns.
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