Minecraft 1.8

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  1. as you may already know minecraft 1.8 is out september 2nd! the update we have all been waiting for but my question is that what about the servers updateing so will emc be able to update september 2nd?
  2. EMC will not update on September 2nd, nor has Empire updated on the day of an update that I can recall.
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  3. I guessing it will updated about 1-2 weeks after the update...
  4. Hahahaha good one!

    The amount of stuff in this update with all the bug fixes and improvements im thinking about a month.
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  5. 1.8 will be probably really buggy :D
  6. If only we have a dev team...
  7. I'm so excited for this update :D Even though I know it will take a while/be buggy when it comes out, it'll definitely be worth it in the end!
  8. Note to self:

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    Wonder how I'm going to jump out.

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  9. It all depends on our non-custom plugins.
  10. Not necessarily - a lot of plugins carry over to the next version - depending on what it is...

    For example) 1.7.4 was one of the latest versions people still use to make maven based, bukkit plugins

    if it's a system to help with chat .... 1.8 would still have chat so the features used in 1.7.4 would carry over ....

    the only time the plugin would need updated is if the code used in the plugin, has some features or documentation that have become deprecated and need to be switched over to the newer version

    an example of that is player names.... most of the documentations will be switching over to uuid instead of names.

    ---- but i suppose this is one reason why emc will use primarily custom programs, so that way they can update things faster and not have to wait for individual dev teams to finish their specific plugin.
  11. It will take 2-4 Weeks for the server to update, They have to wait for Bukkit to update then from there they can start updating the plugins. They have to update each plugin individual in the server, and then some might even require a full recode for it to run proper in the new update. Seeing as the mobs have new API it might require the Play You Way on EMC to be recoded.

    If there is alot of bugs in the updates, they also sometimes wait till some of them get patched or try and patch them.
  12. ...and spigot*

    Emc uses the spigot jar not bukkit ... spigot decompiles and updates a lot of the bukkit repositories to help with performance and their own custom features like bungeecord, etc.
  13. Why have you been waiting for 1.8 to be released?