Minecraft 1.8

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  1. What do you think Minecraft will add in 1.8.

    Share your thoughts below...
  2. Getting a bit ahead of yourself, aren't we? :p
    We've only just had the first snapshot, let's wait for 1.7 to come out first at least.
  3. Probably flying cars.
  4. I know, But lets think ahead :D. We already know about 1.7.
    Maybe in 1.8 they will add Flying cows Lul.
  5. How about we fix 1.6 first

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  7. trading clouds
  8. player to player trade HUD, instead of the drop over & payment system...

    Like, copy the runescape player to player trade system XD
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  9. I would like trains.
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  10. I can assure there would be plenty of duplicating glitches that come with that, RuneScape had many with theirs :p

    If they could make something similar with the dupes patched that'd be nice..
  11. Bugs exist to be found, and fixed.
  12. bees that actually sting, perhaps the bee mod from ftb, would be great
  13. Yes because creepers Marlix and Momentus aren't enough
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  14. Turtles :3
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  15. nope, i love creepers, maybe they could implement camouflage creepers so they blend with the landscape :p
  16. Probably a giant ICC that runs around throwing TNT everywhere.
  17. Yeah, because I never want to go back in the wild ever again either...
  18. I bet maybe 2.0 or something will be Red Dragon.... But now.... Hmmm..... Enchanted Food that gives you potion effects?
  19. The red dragon and an easier way to get diamonds. I would also like pegasusi or pegasuses or pegasus's (how do you spell pegasus in plural form?).
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  20. Remove Herobrine already.
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