Minecraft 1.8 Wish List

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  1. Hey guys, I wanted to make a thread to talk about the features of minecraft 1.8 and some features we as a community would like to see. Me personally I would like to see new armor and weapons. What do you guys think?
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  2. I would like to see a new dimension
  3. Me too!
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  4. Id like to see some of the already added things to 1.8 to be released already. Simple things like slime blocks and other new blocks. its be out so long maps are made to use it already.
  5. A new dimension would be cool! Put the portal in the underwater monument and I think that would be very cool.
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  6. My 1.8 wish list includes them removing portions of the EULA, and adding some more nether blocks... :)
  7. I know they are adding new water mobs in 1.8, I would really like to see a new land mob.
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  8. Same here dude!
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  9. I heard that mojang plans to add a bunny into the game
  10. That is true.
  11. Awesome hope they make a way to tame them!
  12. Birds, maybe even some big ones you could ride on.
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  13. The true purpose and ability given when obtaining a Dragon Egg. Right now it's just a trophy.
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  14. I would like to see a new ore added and maybe a new biome:rolleyes:
  15. What's EULA?
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  16. i want some kind of ore thats underwater only
  17. Didn't Jeb or one of the staff say that had some "grand plan" for Endermites they had to run by the others? Maybe it involves the egg! :D

    That would be amazing! You took away my red dragon, Mojang, so you'd better give me a giant flying emu! :D

    Yes. Just yes.

    Honestly, this update has brought a ton of stuff that is amazing for me. Slime blocks are just spectacular. The ocean stuff is a dream wonderful amazing fantasy come true. Bunnies are just bunnies, enough said. But though I would like to see some bird life, I'd also like to see some more variety in fruit. As in pears and peaches and plums! :D And maybe some other fruits (bananas?) and berry bushes would be cool too. :p
  18. Birds would be sweet, but even if they don't feel like it, they could at least make it an animation like clouds. They don't necessarily have to do anything but just there for looking nice would be great.