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  1. will i be able to update minecraft to 1.3 tomorrow and still play on EMC? please tell me i need to know!
  2. No, you have to wait until you get the 'Okay, go ahead and update' message on the website. This will be on the homepage.
  3. You can not update until IceCreamCow or JustinGuy say that you can. See this thread here.
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  4. well thank you for telling me :D
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  5. No. The server needs to upgrade first, which could take a week to happen. However, you can still upgrade to 1.3 but remember to go to your run, type in appdata, press enter, go to roaming and then .minecraft, click on the bin folder and copy+paste the 1.2.5 jar file to somewhere safe, like a folder in the desktop...Or just somewhere you'll remember where it is :p
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  6. 1.3 is scheduled for release on 1 August. Some time after that, EMC will be updated, and allow people to use 1.3. But you need to check for announcements on the forum.

    Do not upgrade until you've seen instructions from EMC.

    (Unless you really know what you're doing, and run multiple versions)

    (And yes, I'm repeating the same thing...in the hope others might notice)
  7. so whats copying the .minecraft going to help with?
  8. oh and i cant play minecraft on another laptop cus the other one is sooooooo laggy
  9. Go to the homepage- The First Big Message by JustinGuy- will/ should answer all of your questions. It was bumped up again about half a week ago
  10. You're not copying the .minecraft folder, just create a backup of the minecraft.jar file.

    By doing this, you can update to 1.3, but if you want to play on EMC you can just copy that backup in.
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  11. I got a folder, and there are all the old minecraft files in, from 1.1 to 1.3
  12. I got 1.7.3 in a backup lol, i really liked that update though
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