Friendly reminder, DO NOT UPDATE

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  1. 1.6 will include a new launcher. It's very important to keep your 1.5 launcher installed until we give you the all clear. Yes, we're aware that the new launcher supports old versions, but we want to ensure you are still able to play.

    The wastelands will be reset upon our 1.6 release as well, so be prepared with anything you want saved and get it back to town.

    Whenever Mojang releases a new version of Minecraft you will be asked if you want to update when launching the game. We don't really know when these releases are coming so they could be at any moment. If you upgrade your game you will NOT be able to play on any EMC server until we finish upgrading. I say again DO NOT UPDATE if you want to play on EMC.

    Once a new update comes out we then have to wait for the new server version to come out. The talented Bukkit and Spigot teams then has to fix the server so it is actually usable. At this point we get it and we have to integrate it into the EMC platform. Once an update comes out we go into overdrive and our goal is to get out the update in a stable place ASAP.
  2. How will I know when to update?
    We will post on EMC when we have completed an upgrade. Also you will get this message when you try to connect:

  3. Minecraft 1.6 is slated to come out in about a week from now. Just our regular friendly reminder to NOT UPDATE TO 1.6 if you want to play on EMC until we tell you we're ready.

    1.6 brings probably the most changes to Minecraft compared to any other update, so Aikar has warned me that this update WILL take longer than the past. Our estimate is about a week worth of work, though it could be longer and it could be shorter. As soon as we're ready to go we will let you know!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.