Minecraft 1.10/2.0 Ideas

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  1. Hello EMC players!
    As confirmed by Minecraft developers on Twitter, Minecraft 1.10 is already in development, and that leaves space for lots of speculation! In this thread, we will discuss some things to improve Minecraft, rather it be major or minor! Let's get started!

    Major Change Ideas:

    • New Biomes- As biomes were introduced in MC Beta 1.2, the collection of them continues to grow. But here's an idea: Sakura Forest! It would introduce a new tree type, just as the savannah introduced acacia. This biome would introduce Japanese cherry blossom trees, or as they are known in Japan, Sakura Trees! The wood could resemble itself in our world, as a brownish-redish color, like burgundy. It would also eliminate those weird wool trees, as cherry trees would spawn naturally! How about Stony Hills? It is a biome much like the plains, but with little dirt and wildlife, as it would be all stone. Spawning here could be difficult, as wood is scarce, but it could also raise the y-cords for minerals, as the stone layer appears a few blocks higher!
    • New Trees- As mentioned before, the Sakura Tree could be showcased in the new biome, but what about redwood trees? They could also grow in jungles, as proven by the small rainforest in Oregon. This would give jungles more diversity, and this new tree could offer new red wood, which would be similar to sakura and acacia wood, but less brown than sakura, and more red than acacia.
    • Seasons- Seasons have been teased by Mojang since MC 1.4, yet here we are five updates later, with no seasons. Seasons could take place in forest bioms, and birch forests. It could cause the forests to appear more green in "spring", to more resemble the green in a jungle, classic in the summer, rustic colors in the autumn, and snowy with bare trees in the winter. The bare trees of winter could make for some interesting designs!
    • Emerald Tools- Emeralds are the rarest natural spawning item in Minecraft, and they only serve two purposes; decoration, and trading. Lots of mods use emeralds to create emerald TOOLS, to give more use to the gem. This would boost emerald worth on economy servers, and overall give this gem a use.
    These are just some ideas for a future Minecraft update! Post some ideas in the comments, as I would love to hear them!
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  2. Take out the new rubbish fighting system

    Re-add Herobrine.
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  3. Female villagers
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  4. I want Mojang to finish off the wood variety
    • Dark Oak, Birch, Jungle, Acacia, and Spruce Chests/Trapdoors/Pressure Plates/Buttons
      • No style change, only color to match the wood type
    I would also like to see this

    • Fisher villagers often fish when idle. They never reel anything in, only stand there with a pole
    Smooth Double Stone Slabs are a huge yes for me
    Bears (planned)

    • Schools of fish
    • Underwater plants
    Soup variety available to made in cauldrons
    1. Add water
    2. Add potato, carrot, beet to make it a soup
    3. Add any cooked animal to make it a stew
    4. Right click cauldron with bowl to get soup or stew
    Minecart physics
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  5. - Different skins for each villager profession.
    - Un-Nubbish boats
    - Ability to make stairs/slabs from ALL current full building blocks (not including stuff like glass, sponge, slime, etc.)
    - Vertical half slabs
    - Bring back mute boring un-sound making witches (Just soo wrong...)
    - Remove stupid boats
    - Ability to craft shields with same materials tools/weapons can be made out of. (Why this wasn't made now...)
    - Head drops from ALL in game entities. (Yes even bats!)

    ...man boats suck.
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  6. I would love to see
    *Fish in the ocean
    *glass stairs/slabs
    *maybe a few different skins for each mob.... so they aren't all the same
    *different boats
    *a new boss
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  7. None of the mobs in Minecraft have gender.
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  8. Since we are talking about biomes.... MC should consider adding the great plains, just a larger plain biome tha can add buffalo and a new npc indians! They spawn like villages and have a new item buffalo hide tents! Buffalo hides would be a placeable and a crafting item for the Elytra. Indians are neutral mobs that you can trade gems for horses and a personal helper. If want to fight them for their buffalo hide tents they attack with swords and bows. They will remain hostile and that indian village will hunt you down and kill you. They will return neutral if you killed.

    The Rocky Mountains! Now if you want to search the hills for gold and coal this is the biome to find those ores. Gold spawns are moved up to y: 63 and coal is more in abundance. This biome would add 3 new trees... Aspen, a variant in birch tree but a lot lighter. Pine tree, a variant of the spruce. A shade lighter. Lastly, Colorado spruce with blue needles. Same log as the spruce in game. This biome would add a new structure abandoned mine site. A site of a old mining claim and has a abandoned mineshaft within it. A new mob called "ghost miner" is a deformed faced steve that will run towards a player within its sight. He will screech when he sees you, and his passive sounds are a pick against rock. His weapon of choice will be a iron pickaxe and gives you a debuff of blindness and mining fatigue If he hits you. He will teleport elsewhere in the mine after his attack. His drops include a broken iron pick, ores, and rare drop of a diamond.

    That is what I got and it took a while on my phone. I might add more later. Feel free if you want to add anything to my idea.
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  9. My major wants for future updates are more mobs.
    I'm satisfied with the biomes currently, but I would love more mobs to go with them.
    Some examples:
    • Deer for forest biomes
    • Butterflies for the forest and plains
    • Lions, giraffes and other African mobs for the Savannah.
    • Big cats:
      • Tigers for jungle
      • Lions for savannah (as said above)
    • 'Magic' mobs:
      • Special horses (Pegasi, Unicorns)
      • Over-world small dragons
      • Woodland elves.
    Also, more tree types would be great (in custom biomes, maybe, nut not entirely needed)

    • Alder (plains, forest)
    • Fruit trees (forest, orchard biome?)
    • Horse-chestnut (forest, plains)
    • Sequoia (Giant taiga, taiga)
    • Eucalyptus (Outback?)
    • Maple (forest, birch forest)
    I think a villager would look better than Steve.
    Have a villager with a low opacity on his lower body and lower arms, and he wears a miner's helmet.
    Maybe it's skin tone could be a lot paler and his eyes would be pitch black.
    Also, the miner's helmet could be a rare drop, repairable with iron in an anvil.
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  10. Maybe add a cherry blossom tree?
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  11. Are you really sure?
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  12. yeah, well that needs to change. i want female creepers now too!
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  13. That was stated in the main post, but yeah, it is a good idea. :)
    Maybe it could progress into a normal cherry tree, but would blossom every so often.
    If the leaves are broken when not in blossom, it could drops cherries.
  14. I say more mobs like Birds and etc. :)

    EDIT: Also some more Dungeons/Villages to explore. ;)
  15. I would like to see Inverted Stairs, and Slabs for all blocks

    Stairs and Slabs for all the wools, Glass, and Clay

    And most important..... Sea weed....
  16. How do you know that the creeper's aren't already female?
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  17. mind = blown

    I want Purple Creepers, when they blow up they spit out rainbows and candy and heal you instead of hurt you.
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  18. Sideways stairs/slabs for aesthetic reasons.