Mindblowing Minecraft Graphics.

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  1. This texture pack was on the Planet Minecraft popular texture pack list. This guy has taken his texture pack mixed it with a few mods and made something mindblowing. To bad my computer isn't powerful to run this. Here is a link to the video (which won't embed for some reason):
  2. A bit of lag throughout the video, bet my cousin's Alienware could have that texture pack though :p, otherwise the texture pack itself is ok, I don't really prefer that style as much though.
  3. can you post a link of the texture pack
  4. I like the textures except for the black outline also i don't like the blur effect so much. But you know, I could install this and go on your res so you could see how its like.
    (I have a gaming laptop)
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  5. This texturepack makes the game look somewhat like Borderlands 2...
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  6. Hmm maybe you saw that in the video description. :p

    But yeah it does
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  8. GLSL Shaders mod and a 128x128 texture pack.
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  9. I never actually saw the description.
    No joke
  10. can you put a link of the texture pack. please!
  11. Can someone tell me what the texture pack is?
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  12. oh haha sure I can run 128x128 easily. I use 128x128 on tekkit and 512x512 on EMC but i'll just need to learn how to install optifine
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  13. He didn't make the video. Ask the guy who made the video.

    Also, he is using GLSL shaders mod and a texture pack.
  14. Download MCPatcher.
    Download Optifine.
    Click the +
    Go to downloads
    Click Optifine
    click patch
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  15. thats how? now how about GSL?
  16. I haven't even attempted to install GLSL due to the simple fact that I can only get 60 FPS on Minecraft with Optifine.
  17. GLSL is a little more complicated, but not overly difficult. However, the thread for the GLSL shaders mod is very nice and descriptive on how to install it.
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  18. Reason #34562 why I need a new computer...