Message to my Greifer

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  1. I build for others,
    you grief for yourself.

    I lock a box,
    you destroy everything else.

    But in the end
    my treasure is safe,

    although your methods
    are beginning to chafe.

    I beg you please
    to consider your crime

    while you're reading
    my pretty little rhyme.
  2. *Clap clap clap*
  3. Bravah!
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  4. Nice! and I hope your greifer stops doing crimes! :(
  5. remember: Griefers don't know how to read.

    Nice poem btw :)
  6. I wonder what's fun about greifing :confused:
  7. Ive caught 5 people at once griefing, I was followed with lava and flint and steel. I managed to make an obsidian tower, and ask Why. Theyre answer was "Without griefers, people wouldnt be inspired to do bigger and better things, They would be too attached to structures. Griefers are part of the game, Look at it. Enderman:Griefers Creepers: Griefers." They have a good point sadly :(
  8. Well there is a fun of griefing (idk how) But I saw a few vids... And it looked like they were laughing their heads off....
  9. Yeah, let's ban endermen's and creepers from EMC!
  10. Yeah, actually i enjoy watching aVo vids. I mean, they are epic. Not for the griefing itself, but i laugh loads with their whole cast :p
  11. Then wats the fun of killing them...Besides
    endermen dont break blocks you place
  12. I laugh at petri raids But I kinda feel bad for the victoms
  13. :(
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  14. Your not an average creeper, remember?
  15. Hey, hey, hey! You aren't an average creeper...But, are you as nasty as Israphel?
  16. I kill enderman and creeper :p
    But PVP is not allow here. Neither are griefer.
    If they want to motivate people to make better things then DONATE!!
    Their point is more like an excuse.
    I should roll out my diamond armor and get some fire resistant. then I can go and when they pour that lava on me...
    F2 F2 F2 F2 F2
    and log out. and have my alt come clear my log-in zone after I made them banned ;)
    Or shall I leave my vid recorder on standby and set a hotkey on my hyper response Razer mouse... That way not just still picture. but the whole proof of criminal ;)
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  17. you didn't say average creeper so I assumed you ment all Creepers and I am like 39% part of Israphel :) xD
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  18. ROFL, just ROFL.
    Why would we ban asuch talented... Skilled Creeper? :p
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  19. BTW. I think creeper is different than griefer because I think Creeper look adorable :p
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