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  1. I'm getting increasingly annoyed by the duplicate message filter. I understand the purpose as I've accidentally sent a duplicate message, however it still applies even if I type a command in between such as changing channels.

    I often say something in the wrong channel, for example in town chat when I mean to private message someone, or to the wrong person. Every time I go to correct this I receive 'Message blocked by filter' and end up having to deliberately put the same message with some sort of typo in order to deliver the message I wanted to in the first place.

    I also get the same problem when I want to say Hi to two different players who both private messaged me. I end up having to say 'Hey' to the other...

    I can't be the only one annoyed by this. I think it would be great if switching channels disabled the filter.
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  2. It's bit me a few times as well. I'd like to see a little code logic in there at least that includes /commands as "messages" so if you type "stuff goes here," realize you're on the wrong channel and /c local, it won't grump at you for repeating yourself.
  3. It does handle channel changes, but going from private to a channel is one thing it wasn't handling.

    Just put in a fix for that but dunno when itll deploy.
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  4. Yeah this has bothered me a bit...but I end up dealing with it because at least it reduces some spam from players who intend to spam...
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  5. It may reduce some spam, but it's far too easy to circumvent.
  6. Nice catch, and yes; this has also got me a few times. Esp. when commenting in residence chat ((@r) stuff) and then quickly switching to town chat (@t stuff). Still, not to the extend that it started to really bother or annoy me.
  7. What bugs me is that the filter treats all punctuation the same. For example:
    Qwerty189: ?
    Qwerty189: ;-;
    Your message has been blocked by the filter.
  8. strips all alpha numeric. Btw theres a fix pending to go out with the next MEGAUPDATE.
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