Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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  1. MC everyone! MC=Merry Christmas
  2. MERRY CHRISTMAS and what counts as "Near your horse?" how many blocks?
  3. Oh Krysyy, love your blog post, :D Keep going with the magnificent work you are doing to make this community the best of its ability, Merry Christmas <3
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  4. Cheers! Merry Christmas to all! :)
  5. Awesome
    Merry Christmas to All of EMC
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  6. Will we be able to buy extras in the shop like we could for some other promos?
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  7. Merry Christmas Empire!!!
  8. AnonReturns gettin her moves on
    And this guy writes a whole freaking essay over the joke xD calm down bro it's just a game
  9. *combs Dasher's hair* He is absolutely adorable! Thanks, Krysyy and coders! :D Merry Christmas to all! :)
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  10. Merry Christmas thank you and God bless, be safe!! :)
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  11. Just think. In 6 more year we might have Santa's full compliment of reindeer. :p I need to find me a past Rudolf. I wasn't around for them yet. And Merry Christmas to all... and to all, a good night. :)
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  12. Just remember,
    Don't drink and ride!
  13. Dasher's jump sucks. x'D
  14. I wasn't playing on this server at the last Christmas. What reindeer have already been given out?
  15. Rudolph and Dancer.