Merry Christmas 2020!

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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from us at EMC!

    This year we have two special gifts left under the tree.

    First we have the Ugly Sweater, claimable with /promo sweater and available, as most ugly sweaters are, on sale in the Empire Shop starting tomorrow.

    Second, we have the EMC Peppermint available with /promo peppermint now. This special candy will put some pep in your step and give you a speed boost. It will make delivering those presents quick as can be.

  2. Thanks
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  3. Ooh, the peppermint looks fun. Merry Christmas!
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  4. I love the peppermint :O happy holidays everyone!
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  5. Happy Holidays, everyone!
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  6. Cool! :D If I had seen this earlier I would have checked out the Peppermint. Of course I can still do so later. ;)
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  7. Thanks for this Krysyy and Happy Holidays with lots of warm sweaters and a good New Years!
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  8. Love the sweater! Goes great with my hat!

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  9. Happy holidays! Love how the sweater and mint turned out! :D

    I am now the Particle Princess :)
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  10. Happy Holidays! The EMC staff went above and beyond to deliver the best this holiday season, a million thanks to them! :)
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  11. Hope people enjoy it. Both of these are final, even though it isn't visible in the lore.
    The hope for, with the Ugly Sweater, is that this could be a new recurring item - with different color combinations of both the leather and particles. But we shall see how frequent. May not be annual.
  12. oh that explains why I can't do stuff with the sweater

    well i do see a firework behind the text for the sweater... I guess the tradition continues.
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  13. :eek:
    I wonder if that was intentional. :p

    The peppermint is great! I just realised that it resembles a real life object, and I also just realised that it's quite cool to have a 1.16 item promo so shortly after 1.16's deployment on EMC. :D

    And there are even more promos! :eek:
    I love the stockings, too. :D
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  14. I’m wondering when will they be added to the EMC Shop?
  15. I checked the store and didn't see any of them on sale. That's why I asked.

    Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place?
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  16. I came down with a nasty cold (i blame too many late nights) so I was wrapped up in blankets most of the weekend. I'll try to get them in the store today.
  17. Do we know the prices for these promos in the shop world?
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  18. Refer to old prices for similar items and you'll likely end up with a similar result. I plan to do the same when putting them in.
  19. thank you