Merry Christmas 2019!

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  1. Merry Christmas EMC!
    Read more to hear about the Holiday items for claim and for sale!

    Cupid has arrived, the next reindeer in EMC's Christmas Reindeer Series.

    When Cupid was little, they ate a few one too many of the special chocolates hidden in the back of Santa's Workshop, meant only for those looking for their true love on Christmas, a special shipment from the Cupid of Valentine's Day. Of course, you're only ever meant to eat one box and Cupid ate the whole shipment! Now when they show their heart on their sleeve, it's visible for everyone to see. (hearts surround them all the time) If you don't see their love shining bright, try putting them in your stable for a short while, or give them some space and re-load the chunk they are in.

    Claim your own cupid with /promo reindeer2019 or spread some more love by buying more in /shopworld for 20,190r each.

    Next up, and claimable ONLY with /promo evergreen is the Evergreen Sapling. This magical spruce sapling is the result of Santa's magic falling on the first spruce sapling of Christmas morning. You can use this magic sapling to replant another spruce sapling every 6 hours. You can help replace all those Christmas trees everyone cut down.;)

    And finally, added to the shop for a limited time this holiday season: Your very own Nutcracker!
    This ain't your grandma's nutcracker though and it packs quite a punch.
    It's available for you to buy in the /shopworld for 20,190r each.

    All /promo items and shop items will be available until January 13th to give people plenty of time.
    A special shout out to chickeneer who worked with me to make some of these possible.
  2. This is awesome thanks Krysyy for more awesome promos :)
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  3. Awesome stuff. Thank everyone and Merry Christmas :)
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  4. Happy Holidays, everyone!
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  5. Merry Christmas everyone !!!!
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  6. Nice promos, I got myself one of each. Merry Christmas!
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  7. 5 promos on a single day!!! It doesn't get any more epic than this! I don't even know where to begin!!!

    Thank you! Thank you for such an ingenious collection of presents!

    Marry Christmas EMC! Best server around!
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  8. Wow, I love them! What creative ideas. :)
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