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  1. Hello everyone. I have made his thread to announce a new EMC based group!
    It’s called, Mercury Team!

    We are a team based on EMC made to just have fun and conquer new lands in the wild. Ever felt bored in the wild mining by yourself? Never again! That’s the point of Mercury Team , you will have a reliable pool of players to pick from to ask to go mining with you, or stop by the bases and have fun with fellow base members!

    Want to apply and have epic fun with us? We have a website so this thread won't be full of applications. Apply here: to see if you'll be accepted :).

    There are different ranks within our group, but the only people directly in charge of you is an Founder of the group. There will be mods on the website but that's just so nothing gets out of hand, they have no power in game or on EMC in general. Although if multiple members have complaints there will be an investigation which may result in a kick from the group.

    Q&A: If your question is not answered here, just ask by commenting!
    • Q: So, this is a wild group?
    • A: Not only wild! We will have a Mercury Teambase on SMP1 town (Res yet to be claimed.) for all members, using the move flag to make the base exclusively Mercury Team members.
    • Q: What's the point of the town base?
    • A: The town base will have storage for members who do not live on SMP1 as well as a discounted shop for members.
    • Q: This group is based on SMP1?
    • A: As of right now, yes. Although we may have wild bases on different servers.
    • Q: Will there be events for members?
    • A: Yes, there will be organized events for Mercury Team members, there will be notification on the website and for bigger events the EMC website.
    • Q: Who are the leaders of this thing?
    • A: Terr, Seberling and me. There are also other founding members who are not Leaders but have the Founder rank, so they are also partly in charge.
  2. Now we have 2 threads about this :p
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  3. The old one went dead, this is a revival thread!
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  4. Signed up. Apparently I already had a account. I just had to apply.
  5. Alright :D
  6. I hope you accept Eclipse.
  7. You do know that the owner can bump his/her own thread , right ?
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  8. but bumping always gets such a bad response! Besides, I'm one of the MT admins =p
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  9. Is ther a way to earn higher ranks?
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  10. Yes, outpost leader and such. I'll ask Terr about that, he's the man behind that
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  11. Great! Now I can take over the team... I mean earn ranks.
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  12. :eek:
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  13. FAIL
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  14. The res is 2199. Check it out!
  15. Lets hope this doesn't go Copherfield.

    Best of luck though! :)
  16. It wont. I can promise you that.
  17. ''Go Copherfield'' XD It's like a new way of saying ''Go Berserk'' ''Go Mad'' ''Go broke'' =p!
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  18. I trust that our email will be kept private. :)
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  19. Ofcourse! Jack is our grand master of encryptions, he wont give away the emails
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  20. So have a pretty cool base going. Coords will be relesed in a couple of days.