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  1. Hello everyone. I have made his thread to announce a new EMC based group!
    It’s called, Mercury Team!

    We are a team based on EMC made to just have fun and conquer new lands in the wild. Ever felt bored in the wild mining by yourself? Never again! That’s the point of Mercury Team , you will have a reliable pool of players to pick from to ask to go mining with you, or stop by the bases and have fun with fellow base members!

    Want to apply and have epic fun with us? We have a website so this thread won't be full of applications. Add me to a PM to get the site link for the application to see if you get accepted :)

    There are different ranks within our group, but the only people directly in charge of you is an Founder of the group. There will be mods on the website but that's just so nothing gets out of hand, they have no power in game or on EMC in general. Although if multiple members have complaints there will be an investigation which may result in a kick from the group.

    Q@A: If your question is not answered here, just ask by commenting!
    • Q: So, this is a wild group? A: Not only wild! We will have a Mercury Team base on SMP1 town (Res yet to be claimed.) for all members, using the move flag to make the base exclusively Mercury Team members.
    • Q: What's the point of the town base? A: The town base will have storage for members who do not live on SMP1 as well as a discounted shop for members.
    • Q: This group is based on SMP1? A: As of right now, yes. Although we may have wild bases on different servers.
    • Q: Will there be events for members? A: Yes, there will be organized events for Mercury Team members, there will be notification on the website and for bigger events the EMC website.
    • Q: Who are the leaders of this thing? A: Eclipsys Seberling and me. There are also other founding members who are not Leaders but have the Founder rank, so they are also partly in charge.
    Note: We are in NO way sponsored by Kalland Labs or Empire Minecraft Staff.
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  2. Bump for Timezone.
  3. Guys i cant say password. :p can anyone view the password? also my email is broken.
  4. And I so wish you used something other then enjin. ):
  5. No, we can't view your password, it is safe. What do you mean by broken?

    @Pat, it's just the simplest thing, what is wrong with it?

    @Oid 2nd post You don't have to put your real name just put your IGN. Also, I can set you up a OidGod email if you want specifically for EMC related things.
  6. it refuses to recieve any emails.
  7. nah its just it does personal and hasm y IRL name in it. :/ so i dont think i can
  8. I am joining. Waiting for the page to load were I can log in..
  9. Whenever I try to sign up with something that uses enjin it says that my email is already used and then it won't let me sign up. ):
  10. is it possible to join WITHOUT the site? i cant, :(
  11. Pat, that means you likely already have an Enjin account. Or some sleezebag typed in a random email.
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  12. In terms of the site:

    I'm the only one with full admin access. I'm not in the team, I just help run the site. All I can see is your Enjin username and Minecraft accounts, not even your email.

    Since Terr and the likes only need to approve applications, all they can see is your Minecraft name.

    Your password is stored in Enjin's secure database. We cant access it and I highly doubt even Enjin admins can.
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  13. Welcome to all!
  14. If you need a nice, far away place I can provide a continent almost no one goes to.
  15. We currently have 8 members!
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  16. You should apply first.
  17. Make sure the town base actually gets finished...we don't want another group that disbands, do we?
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  18. That had nothing to do with a HQ not being finished. That had to do with copherfields cowardace and wanting to rule everything AND wanting special priviliges for himself and his ego
  19. Have you joined yet? If not do so. So maybe you can help with both bases.
  20. Anyone else?