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  1. So, i've been crying alot in school recently...and my english teacher noticed - and she is a parent, and according to her it crushes her to see me like this and not be open to anyone about how i'm feeling...she said she'd get me a mentor.

    A mentor, in my school, is someone you can talk to if you have problems and you can set times you want to see them. 2 people in my class have one for their ADHD, another person has them for his anger issues, and my best friend has theirs for something personal (I would tell you if I could, but I don't have permission to..And i'm the only person who knows she has what she has). They also come into your lessons to help you with stuff you find difficult, but I have a keyworker for this.

    What I want to know is have you had someone like this in your school, and if so, how well did it work?
  2. I haven't had one, but have been a young mentor which just listens and helps people when they need it. I also dealt with some cyber bullying issues and have found that the people who i've worked with are feeling/acting better either towards others and not facing issues (I dealt with bullying) I cant say anymore than that due to the trust of secret. (I can break it if I think that an adult is needed to get involved)
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  3. A woman follows me from class to class.
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  4. Either it's because she's a stalker - or she makes sure you don't get into fights or do something stupid...
  5. That sentence sounds creepy...
  6. Michonne-Walking_Dead.jpg

    Regarding working with a mentor, I'd suggest you try it and see if it helps Soul.
  7. Yes, that last thing. Except I never fight, and I rarely do anything stupid.
  8. ^ I died with that pic.

    And about the mentor thing, I think it's a good idea. I haven't been an official mentor but I have helped with stuff other than homework some of the boys and girls I've given private lessons to. It is a good thing to have someone who is not exactly just a friend but older and a bit more experienced, and who is there especifically to help you with whatever you need, and who is not from your family so that you feel free to talk about anything.

    I've also got to know people via MMORPG's who just needed someone to talk, but it doesn't work so good when it's online because you need to see that person's face and have some respect for them, which is not easy to accomplish when it's via Internet.

    The best option is to try it the way your school offers it and you are fortunate to have access to something like that, especially because that person probably answers before an authority, therefore, you can trust him or her. So yeah, giving it a try can't hurt. I hope others can give you more information about the experience itself.
  9. You can ask the mentor how she/he helps people. If you cry because you're just sad and you can't really tell why, or because of fear or angst, then you might want to ask a professional for help. I think it is good idea to be very careful, talk to the people who want to help you, but always get a second or even third opinion.
    If you're around 13 then it's normal, almost everyone goes through such phases sooner or later.
    And always think yourself, use your head!

    What I'm sure can help: if anyhow possible go out for long walks in the nature, get some sun, listen to cheerful music, don't sit in front of the computer too long :)
    If you just happen to play Minecraft, go out to the plains and beaches, enjoy the view, the blue sea and the green fields ;)
    Have fun! :)
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  10. I pray that you may be healed.
  11. is
    isnt that pic from "the walking dead"? i never saw it but i heard something like that happening in it
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  12. I haven't had a mentor nor think I'll have, that system isn't here either so yeah.
  13. .... I have to control my anger ... I get angry SO easily and feel like punching anyone who angers me but I don't as I'm such a wimp/wuss. :( I also feel that everyone finds me stupid and annoying or nerdish :( I hate my life ... plus I can't live with my mum through court reasons and stuff ...
  14. I have anger issues.
    I hate my life too :D It's done nothing but treat me like crap all of my life - I should have just died when I was born like I was going to if the midwives didn't interfere.
  15. when i moved from my failure of a mothers house when i was 16 years old, and moved to live with my father, and grandparents.. i didn't talk to anyone, i kind of shut myself off, it would all make sense to you if you knew what had happened to me before that.. but most kids didn't, and i didn't tell anyone. (i don't mind talking about it now, and if you're curious enough, you're allowed to ask, doesn't much matter, but you know.. lol)

    a lot of the teachers would ask me about having someone talk to me everyday, i really didn't want to, but they set up for that anyway, ... i didn't talk to the person about anything that mattered at all. i was so sick and tired of talking about the same thing over and over again, i was so tired of repeating myself and telling my story i was just sick to even think about it.

    to me, friends work better for telling them how you feel, a lot better than some random person you don't know, don't trust. i've come to learn that. i've had counselors over and over again, for nothing to work, nothing to matter.. it was all pointless to me.

    here i am, 10 years after the root of my problems all started, and i'm still bitter about it, because people are just so blind as to REALLY help someone.

    i get a better stress relief when i talk to my best friends. but i'm sure you've already tried that... :(
  16. Life isn't a person-like anything that can "treat" someone. Nature isn't (and can't be) fair or treat someone better or worse. (But people can.)
    There is a force inside every person that makes life go on.
    It's sometimes called Love.
    May the force be with you. :)
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  17. I hate it how people are constantly asking how I am doing but they just want me to say fine and move on. If your going to ask how I am doing then do not look all freaked out when I actually tell you how I am doing. Although, by this point I have just learned to say, "same as always"; that way they think I am fine, but I actually mean that I am just as miserable as I always am.
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  18. Oh, yes it is.
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  19. I assume your mentor would be a sixth former. At which point, they'd be a good sort of person to help you, considering they'd have volunteered to do it :)
  20. I suck ... someone murder me ...