Melon Project!

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Do you love & want some melons!?!?

YES!!! 32 vote(s) 68.1%
Yes! 4 vote(s) 8.5%
Maybe *cough*Yes!*cough* 11 vote(s) 23.4%
  1. Im not that much of a noob. :p I know that, and if it's easier for everyone I can make a sign now! :)
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  2. Hey Everyone, I would like to let you guys know that we have found a new improved and better design. The downfall is that it includes lot's of Redstone Torches if you have any extra or have some spare help us out and donate it to the sign at 1992 on smp1 :D
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  3. Just donated about 7-8 stacks of sticky pistons, enjoy :)
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  4. Do you both stalk this thread I didnt even post that less than a minute ago....
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  5. Does the liking of that post answer your question? ;) EDIT: Whoops, what I should have said was "Are melons amazing?"
  6. Thank you! Added to list
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  7. For the melons!
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  9. I can donate chests, or any other material needed, if so, contact me. :)
  10. UPDATE!
    We have been working very very hard and this is what we have so far!
    Thank you all who have donated and support us!
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  11. Extreme Meloning: Part 1
    Melon's Pushed
  12. I donated my friendship to Nick only.
  13. If we get enough donations, we should open before December!
  14. Bump! Thank you Todd for donating just now! Working hard, and people are being very helpful!
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  15. Due to an extreme overstock of melon, the shop is now open!
    /v 2222 or /v +melon
    Each stack is .85r rounded to the nearest whole rupee! 23 rupees for a single chest!
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  16. Still in need of donations of pistons and redstone/redstone torches/sticks

    Once the project is complete, you can expect more than 100k slices per harvest!
    I may even get another res after this
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  17. Boomp, still plenty of melons!
  18. How would you like 3 and a half stacks of redstone blocks?
    A gift from mah witches.
  19. I would love the donation. I thank ya witches.