Melon Project!

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Do you love & want some melons!?!?

YES!!! 32 vote(s) 68.1%
Yes! 4 vote(s) 8.5%
Maybe *cough*Yes!*cough* 11 vote(s) 23.4%
  1. Everyone knows that Pretty face Melon lover nick5013, and that helpful Nick_godoy person!

    Hello Everyone, today I bring you a new and 1st ever 60X256X60 Melon Farm Project!!! Nick5013 and myself have teamed up to bring the most melons to EMC! We have BIG plans as you can tell to make this the best and most awesome Melon farm ever!!! We will not only be farming all these Melons, but selling them to the whole empire for the cheapest price you will have to wait to find out! This farm will be automatic so even when we are not there we can harvest those melons for everyone!

    We are going to be working hard and spend as much time as we can on all of this, but Materials is not as cheap as the Melons we going to sell so we need your help! Donations of rupees and materials are very much appreciated. Some of the materials will be listed below!

    All Donations of materials can be taken to 1992 on SMP1 thank you!
    -Pistons(any type) -Redstone -Hoppers -Redstone Torches -Chest -Repeaters

    Here is a screenshot of what has been done so far!

    List of People who have donated so far!!
    • Thank you, darksuperlord for a Double chest of ICE!
    • Thank you, Luckypat for 6,000r!
    • Thank you, Rainbowchin for 32 Sticky Pistons, 64 Redstone, 64 Hoppers, 64 Repeaters, 64 Chests, and 10,000r!
    • Thank you, penfoldex for 100r!
    • Thank you, john4s13 for 6,600r and 36 Chest!
    • Thank you, Deathtomb for 50,000r!
    • Thank you, cube45 for 64 Redstone Blocks!
    • Thank you, AmusedStew for 6-7 stacks of Sticky Pistons!
    • Thank you, Todd_Vinton for 3 stacks of Pistons 1 stack of Sticky Pistons and 2 stacks of redstone blocks!
    • Thank you, gadget_ad for 500r!
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  3. I have a dc of Ice ill donate
  4. This shall succeed.
    Let it be so.
  5. Melons are ok.
    But potatoes are better!
  6. Estimate number of slime balls required?
  7. Nick plans on making a Melontopia during the d tombs update if it come out before 5999
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  8. Melons are the WORLD!
    As much as possible since the machine we use has Sticky Pistons for it's auto farming.
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  9. Need help with anything? Just ask ;)
  10. SC? DC?
  11. Whatever you feel like donating would be helpful!
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  12. Ive got more ice if you need
  13. Good to know, I will update the thread as we go to see if we need more! Thank you!
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  14. Bump! We want all of EMC to see this!!
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  15. wow... i hope i have some stuff to donate for this!
  16. I'm not okay with this.
  17. Donated:
    • 32 Sticky Pistons
    • 64 Redstone
    • 64 Hoppers
    • 64 Repeaters
    • 64 Chests
    • 10,000r directly to nick_godoy
    Hope it helps :)
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  18. Will "donate" 15 DCs of melon slices soon :)
    (5013 knows what I'm talking about)
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  19. 36 chests! 6,600r i think
  20. Thank you very much Rainbow! Anything helps!
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