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  1. I love the MCMMO plugin and was wondering if it could be implemented here.
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  2. Hmm....

    I'm sorry, but I really don't like some of the things MCMMO entails. For instance, there are leaderboards, which I personally don't like.
  3. the what?
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  4. No. MCMMO is made for PvP servers, EMC does not have PvP.
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  5. what is it?
  6. Basically a plugin that adds skills. look it up on google
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  7. oh i think i go on a server with that "sward skill level up" i was like what is that?
  8. Untrue. MCMMO was made for RPG servers. Just because it adds viable ( and broken ) PVP usages does NOT mean it was intended for such.

    I'll admit that I have a very strong bias as this is my favorite mod ever, but I will still defend the point of this topic and agree that MCMMO has a place here.

    For those of you who don't know, every SINGLE thing in MCMMO can be tweaked. This ranges from EXP, Level caps, damage bonuses, cooldowns and usage time for skills and so much more. Select features can even be disabled, I for one was never a fan of the scoreboards myself, and do not think that the existence of such promotes a healthy and friendly community. Competition can be fun, but it can also breed aggression and drama - two things I don't see here and such is why Empire is currently my favorite minecraft community.

    IF MCMMO is implemented, I highly suggest to nerf the enchanting experience gain ( even though 1.8 is likely to destroy the market for enchanted gear ) I also suggest skills that hurt vanilla are omitted, like taming and magic (if MCMMO still has magic)

    Personally, I would very much like to see this added because I enjoyed they Unarmed skill and it's ability to disarm, and deflect arrows.

    However, Despite MCMMO being my favorite mod, and something I'd enjoy seeing here, I am fine without it and even after really thinking about it, would rather it be just not added or severally broken down as to not harm the unique vanilla charm Empire has to offer.
  9. This is one of my favourite mods, but wouldnt like it on the empire. It would feel odd :p
  10. The emc is a vanilla survival server
  11. EMC custom codes all their plugins. I would not like to see this.
  12. No to MCMMO.
  13. Lol talk about a super necro.
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  14. french vanilla
  15. Hm, wait. Is this something that can just be done to a server or does the player need to download something for it?
  16. It's server side.
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  17. Russian Vanilla
    Regarding the suggestion:

    Please no.

    Grinding skills would be another form of pointless grinding; Aikar wants to get away from grinding by adding benefits to other things.

    MCMMO would not help his goal.-.
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  18. I would like to point out how this thread was made two years ago.
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