MC wordprocessor (warning: your mind might blow)

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  1. Hi gang!

    After messing with some redstone today I ended up on youtube and well...

    ShelLuser lives on smp2@emc!

    A guy by the name of Koala_Steamed (you can find his Youtube channel here) has been working for nearly 2 years on this project and last month (so I assume) he finally finished it. Most of it anyway. The result can be seen in the screenshot above.

    You're basically flying in front of a QWERTY keyboard and need to push the right buttons to make the text appear on the big screen. The keyboard features every function you might come to expect: shift, caps lock, etc.

    Here is the official Youtube video which demonstrates this monster project in more detail:

    You can check out the official video page on Youtube to find links to the world download (see the video description). As you can see above (I'm using 1.7.10 by the way) it really works...

    Who said again that Minecraft was a "simple" game which is only appealing to "children"? :cool:
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  2. Oh yes this is legendary *O*
  3. Hey, that's pretty cool! Good job :)
  4. Pshh... I could do that
  5. Me: "Redstone looks really cool and I think it would be fun to make some amazing project that blows people away."
    *sees something like this*
    Me: "Well I can always find another hobby..."

    Seriously, these things are amazing. I tried to make a screen once and gave up because redstone has annoying properties :p
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  6. Only thing near this I made was a timer that counted 1-9 repeatedly. I'm very impressed.
  7. Yeah, that's cool! :)
    I love how such semi-oldschool redstone is still used.