MC is offline, what going on?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by WildHorse1989, Sep 13, 2015.

  1. I am trying to logging in but it keeps says i am offline. anyone have problems like i still do? :eek:
  2. Auth Servers are down, give it a few hours. :)
  3. oh okay thanks
  4. Mojang got rekt again.
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  5. "A few hours" xD
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  6. :D
  7. oh okay i get it thanks
  8. Why does it say there were 85 Players online??
  9. There are players who were already on before the auth servers got spammed. If they don't get off, they can stay on. Once off, they won't be able to get back.
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  10. Some Players got in before Auth servers went down. If they disconnect, then they'll be like us. :)
    Such ninja, much wow :eek:
  11. And, I just crashed, so no getting back on for me :)
    See yall when its back up and working again!
    (Behave all :p)
  12. This link will allow you all to check on the status of the servers without having to load into Minecraft :D! If any one is interested!
  13. And then there were 79...Why does this always happen on the weekend? I think I know the answer, but it is so lame. So they attack on the weekend when, I assume, Mojang staff are all at home doing BBQ's and what not. So they can get away with attacking the servers with no interference from anyone who could do anything about it.
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  14. Idk about you but I've been spamming refresh on that xD
  15. I can't survive this long!
    I was online, then I went to go to a different server ( Betrayal ) and it wouldn't let me on! This really is the end of the world! :eek:
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  16. I lost a pickax efficiency V, fortune III, unbreaking III.... another pickax efficiency IV, unbreaking III, silk touch I....a sword sharpness IV & looting III..... I know those things can be gotten back, but I spent about 150 levels just crafting those.... :( Lost in the nether. Now can't even log in to get started again building levels to craft more like them.
  17. I feel your pain. I had that happen before I worked on getting villager trading set up. Don't worry. If everyone else is offline, they should still be there for pickup later. PM me in game if you find me and I'll help you get back to where you left off. Let's hope things resolve soon.
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  18. I guess I'll play in single player. But I won't like it!! :mad: Lol. I'll miss all of my fellow smp9ers while it's down.

    -EDIT- Man, that's rough Coach_Craig! I'm sorry :S
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  19. ehhh thanks fellow Empirians... I think I was standing on the edge of one of the nether forts where a blaze spawner was... was trying to make a blaze rod farm for the server. I'm sure they've blasted me off the edge by now. :) .... no big deal... it's just a pain farming levels.. I've found and made a Zombie XP farm on smp5 server. South Base then out the west side. Big nether brick arrow pointing to it. Can't miss it. Plus I've found a double spider spawner close to the zombie spawner that I've got to finish up for people to be safe and farm spider silk and eyes
  20. I cant even get on Single Player. Ill crash if i try. I tried 5 times xD :(