MC 1.1 and world changes

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  1. So after playing some more with the MC 1.1 update I noticed one problem. The wilderness worlds are a little jacked up. Unexplored areas will not "match up" with MC 1.0 explored areas and additionally biomes on 1.0 worlds are messed up (like freezing water in non ice biome, etc).

    Now we are kind of in a pickle because now that people can lock things in the Wilderness many many people have done so. What do you think we should do community? I personally think we should go ahead and upgrade (when ready) with the understanding that wilderness will be a little messed up and then start like a 7 day countdown to reset wilderness / nether on each server.

    Any other ideas or opinions?
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  2. Sounds good. Would it be possible to set up a full refund for locks destroyed in that seven day period?
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  3. How about using a custom terrain generator?
  4. would it be possible... now stay with me, to revert back to the olden days of lore (aka about a month ago) and make another world: maybe, like, the realm. this "realm" updates along with bukkit and everything, but then the wilderness stays the same? i think that would allow people to keep their places. i for one know about a certain place in a certain server that will NOT be likely to go without a fight.

    Justin, i ask you personally. please, PLEASE, consider my thought as a possibility. i know that the empire would lose a lot of it's credibility if people find out that their creations get destroyed after every update. this happened for 1.0, dont make us do it again. at least, if you decide to, maybe use a map editor and transfer all of the discovered areas, and paste them on top of the new areas. please.

    I believe i speak for much of the community here.
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  5. hmm, so what is likely to happen to our locked chests ? might they b misplaced and hopefully not far away ? or the contents lost to oblivion ? or a whole area ? a person is not too up on this sort of thing - just Greatly enjoys playing the game And on Empire ;)
  6. I'm sure Justin knows about your locked chests and can return your money through some mystical power. Just believe.

    And on the subject of the Reset, I think, if at all possible you should try and "preserve" the old wildernesses/nethers by copying overbuilt segments of the world and meshing them in to the new terrain as best as possible. (Obviously, something that was once in an ocean would not look proper in a continent, but meh.)

    A lot of people spent a lot of time building amazing things in the wild, wouldn't it be fair that if say, seven people wanted to preserve a location you could do your best to make such a thing possible? I'm not talking about preserving every little hut in the wild, or even a group of huts at that. Only looking to preserve the massive communities that may have formed and not destroy all their hard work. :)
  7. Although I spend all my time in the wild / nether and will be sad to see them get reset, I always like seeing new terrain. If we can manage to upgrade without resetting all the maps, that would be cool... but if we need to reset them I guess we can all look forward to some new scenery! :p
  8. I know I've supported the idea of regular resets before, but I was actually glad when Justin decided that the worlds would be semi-permanent and things like the outposts and the spawn reset areas were put in place to deal with some of the major reasons why resetting would be desirable. A permanent Wilderness and Nether have considerable game-experience benefits that I wasn't really taking into account at the time.

    It's really nice to have a world where we have familiar ground and all the vairous things we've put work into there for us to use and appreciate.

    At this point, I would rather not see the worlds reset.

    Personally, I think I would be willing to live with the glitches... for now anyway. What if we waited until the next update before resetting? Or perhaps at least took some time to check out how bad those glitches actually are? If they're really bad most of us will likely agree that a reset is required.

    And if a reset is how it has to be, we'll cope. We'll be given time to collect our valuables and say goodbye to all the locations and creations we've come to love... just like we did the last time.
  9. Maybe you can leave it and update. Freezing water in non ice biome isn't that big deal in my opinion.
    And if it doesn't match-up, I think it's okay though.
    But losing the Octahedron is really bad :(
    That's one of the finest mob spawner on the Empire.
    Or can you keep area of 2000x2000 around every spawn and outpost?
    As I see many good creation are within those range.
    And would be sad if it were all gone.

    EDIT: Can a stuff like 'MCEdit' be use to save the 'Octahedron of Oblivion' from 'Oblivion'
    I like that place even though I didnt built it.
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  10. Well, there were time on the old server I used to be on that they would reset almost every 2 weeks. I am so happy that the empire is not like that. If Justin can save our world Hooray. If not, I will be on the front lines of the wilderness, clearing caverns with the best of them!
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  11. I agree with most of what has been said here. It would be nice to not lose the work we have put into player-run towns, mob spawners...etc. However, if we have to reset at some point to take care of glitches it would probably be better sooner than later... don't want to spend another few months on that large city and then get it reset then.

    As to the countdown timer here on the site... you should make it 10 days to match up with the derelict policy... for those that check in based on that schedule.
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  12. Although I understand how people feel about everything that they have put time into in the wilderness/nether... You knew you were doing this at risk of potential resets in the future... I have been playing with the 1.1 as well, and yes the glitches will be more of a nuisance than having to build over again.
    The new terrain generation does not play well with the current version in 1.0 and will wreak havoc on the EMC maps. Every update/change brings about support and resistance but in the end a fresh start will boost your creativity.
    I know that there are many wonderful projects run by a large amount of persons, but this does not negate the fact that nothing in the wilderness/nether (aside from the official Nether Spleef Arena) is permanent.

    I would like a reset. The new terrain generation is great. Having a clean slate to play on will also be enjoyable. Hopefully the next update does not bring another incompatible terrain generator, but Jeb is quite adamant about modifying it to provide more variety, so we will see...

    I am pro reset, but I do not want the 1-3 month window anymore either, I feel it should be as deemed necessary to the community, as in the glitched terrain generation...

    *I have multiple hidden bases, and yet even I would be willing to part with them... My route planning has been refined and I would like a fresh start to build upon with this. :)
  13. I also want the reset.
  14. I came across a Minecraft saying somewhere that seems quite pertinent here:

    "It's not about what you build; it's about building it"
  15. Honestly, I think it would be nice to see a new, replenished landscape that people could begin building on all over again. And maybe people will put more effort in preserving the wild. Sure, it'd be sad to see all the awesome creations that wild-dwellers have made be destroyed, but I think there are a lot of people who would appreciate a new, undiscovered world with replenished resources and new landmarks to discover and create.

    If you are going to do it, I would suggest giving players a 10 day time-period to get all they want/can out of the current wild.

    Its exactly like playing with Legos.
  16. Hey Justin, I know of some areas that a group of people have spent a huge amount of time on, i.e the supporter city in the wild, would it be possible to copy over the area it occupies now to the new wilderness? It would be so sad to see this get lost.
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  17. I don't have a lot to add here, but the countdown to reset sounds like a good option to me. Let the wild-dwellers pull their stuff out, creators grab the valuable blocks out of their creations, ect.
  18. I think what we should do is just upgrade (when its ready ;) ), and then wait a week or so and see how it is going, perhaps I can modify the outpost system to add a new set of outposts that is 20,000 blocks in each cardinal direction. That would provide fresh terrain with updates while not resetting everyone's hard work. It is actually incredibly frustrating MC does this every couple months....
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  19. Yah, I agree Justin, that would work :) Yea, it must be so bloody frustrating when they do this :mad::mad::mad:
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  20. Sounds like a fantastic compromise Justin, much appreciated by everyone i believe. :)
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