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Discussion in 'Artists' Gallery' started by Matherox, Mar 14, 2015.

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    Hey all, here are a few quick renders I did with Maya :D (An animating/rendering/modeling software that lots of people use for Minecraft animations)

    (Some blocks aren't fully textured right..)
    I am going to start making animations soon too :)

    Also, I am going to get some YouTube equipment to start a youtube channel for gaming with commentary and also do animations.
  2. Wow! That's so cool! The first picture reminds me of crossy road :D
  3. Thanks :D
  4. Looks awesome :D fancy taking some of my town? I've not had a decent photo shoot since 2013.
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  5. I'll work on that :)
  6. It feels like every time I need to use the world downloader mod.. It breaks then I have to re-install it.. ;-;

  7. (The glass is the reason of the lines btw)

    Well, thats probably the end of my town renders =p
    Ima work on either B4D's town or SP worlds.
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  8. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is soo cool, some one should use it as their autograph thing!
  9. Well, there are much easier ways to make signatures XD
    But, you could use this as like a background.
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  10. Is this a texture pack? Beacause i love it so much :D I might dowload it if so...
  11. Its a rendering software... not a texture pack..
    This is the same software used to make stuff such as Build Dig Live, almost all MC parodies, etc.
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  12. Ah, i see. Im not really into this stuff, So i don`t know much :p
  13. I guess you could get some one to make it into a texture pack
  14. There is a mod called shaders, that looks similar :p I might seen if i could find a texture pack like the design of this though
  15. I used sonic ethers once (I think it was called that :p), a bit glitchy but still very cool
  16. Well, the world downloader mod doesn't appear to wanna work.. :eek:

    So, unless you somehow have a SP world file for your town I can't render it..
  17. Sadly not an up to date one >.< will see if I can get one this weekend.
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  18. Server backups? XD

    Also, please leave like a 1 resident ring around it for background stuff :)
  19. Awesome stuff :D

    How on earth did you do that? It looks so amazing...
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  20. I used Maya, an animation/rendering/modeling software.
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