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How are my renders?

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Bad 1 vote(s) 3.8%
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  1. Hey all, lately I've been getting into using Maya and this thread is just to show off all the different things I've made in it.

    These include animations, rendered photos, and more.
    Renders are images that are processed through the animating software by the way =p
    If you haven't heard of Maya before, it is a 3D animation software.
    I am still learning how to do animations in it but am slowly figuring it out.

    Well, anyways, here are the renders/animations!

    I can't embed the videos in here or it goes widescreen for some reason.

    Oh and here are some pics of the software just cause :p

    Oh, thats a common screen to see too.

    I'll be updating this with more pics/animations.
    (By the way, my animations will probably be only like 10 seconds long because well animating is.. hard..)

    Feel free to ask me to render your skin!
    (I can get the skin by myself if your wondering)
    I am still getting my world downloader mod setup again so I would be able to download any more EMC on-server builds and stuff. If you have the file for me to use as the background, send it to me.
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  2. Maya likes to crash a lot..
  3. that looks great :D I am getting the software now
  4. How does Maya compare to things like Blender? That seems really cool but Blender has such a steep learning curve.
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  5. Well, blender is fully free while Maya costs lot of money unless you get the student version (like me)

    Maya is a lot more user-friendly and is just better overall.
  6. Ooh, so it's like cinema 4D?
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  7. yea
  8. I want one :3
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  9. Looks great!
    What does the "student version" mean?
  10. Well, its a 3 year contract for students of universities to use the software.
    You can't make profit though.

    Also, if I like the software after 3 years I'd spend the $3k on it.
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  11. XD, I forgot to add lights on this render =p
  12. Do you take render requests?
  13. Yes, like what?
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  14. Something purdy involving me and beacons. :3
  15. Just PM me about it or in-game.
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  16. I never got around being patient enough to do really good renders with a background and everything. On a Cinema 4D trial, this is what I did some time ago... Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 5.57.01 PM.png
    Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 7.54.43 PM.png Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 8.30.04 AM.png
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  17. Hey, that's awesome you're getting into rendering, but remember to boost up those settings and it will look much, much, much better. I'll see if I can find my good ones for you, it looks really realistic in the end!
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  18. I'll work on better settings :)

    I'm working on like a 8 second little clip atm :)