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  1. As some may know, today, May the 2nd, is my birthday. Just out of coincidence, I happened to remember that I had a list of famous things (other than my birthday ;)) that happened on this day, and thought that I may as well share them here with all of you!
    • 1519 - Leonardo Da Vinci died in Amboise, Kingdom of France.
    • 1933 - An apparent sighting of the Loch Ness Monster on the day made local news and became a media phenomenon, a circus offered £20,000 as reward for capture of the creature!
    • 1945 - The Nazis final stand in Berlin, ended on May the 2nd, as the Russians captured the city towards the end of World War Two.
    • 1982 - Argentina's Belgrano warship was sunk by British HMS Conquerer in the Falklands War.
    • 1986 - Henri Toivonen's Group B rally crash caused Group B rally racing to be banned from the WRC.
    • 2011 - Osama Bin Laden, terrorist organizer, was supposedly killed on this day.
    Just some facts that I hope interested you! :p
    Myself, I have a keen interest in Group B rally racing, and I enjoy watching recreational events for the cars and enjoy researching and watching the races from back in the mid eighties. On this day in 1986, Henri Toivonen and Sergio Cresta were driver and co-driver of an extremely powerful Lancia Delta S4 racing at Tour de Corse, capable of accelerating faster than a Formula One car. Henri Toivonen misjudged one of the corners and the car fell off the edge of the sloped cliffs that were lined with trees. With the car having no pan at the bottom, to save weight and make the cars faster, a tree struck the fuel hold and caused a fire that ripped quickly through the car. According to someone I know, Toivonen unbelted himself and was trying to save Sergio Cresta from the car, but they both died at the scene. The lightweight fibreglass of the car burned quickly and all that was left was a mangled chassis. A sad day, that ended the era of Group B rally. Let's remember the driver, and the cars, and celebrate all of them too!

    I will celebrate my birthday today, but on the 30th anniversary of the crash, I will remember the great driver and all of the great that came out of the sport too!
  2. Happy birthday! :D And awesome thread, was interesting to read. :)
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  3. Happy Bday :)
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  4. Happy Birthday :)
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  5. Happy Birthday :D !!!
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  6. Happy B-day and awesome fun facts :)
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  7. Happy Bday!
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  8. Merry Birthmas.
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  9. Happy Birthday boxing day
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  10. Happy Birthday
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  11. Happy Birthday Fendy :)
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  12. Happy Birthday! :)
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  13. Happy birthday! :)
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  14. Happy birthday :)
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  15. Is this happy birthday for the 4th time now? :p Happy Birthday man haha. Hope to see you again sometime in the future! I'll earn myself a gold voucher ;)
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  16. I did not actually know May 2nd is your birthday! Well, now I do! :)
    The Group B rally racing sounds interesting too, I might look some more into it!
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  17. Happy birthday FDNY :D

    It was like yesterday we were hopping around your sandstone houses talking about your terrible orthodontist and how you snapped your retainer. Hard to believe that was 2013 :eek:
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  18. Massive thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes! :)
    I believe it is :p Thanks :D
    It certainly is interesting, revolutionary cars at the time handled by very skilled drivers!
    Thanks Haro, I remember all that! Especially jumping around the sandstone on my res! I remember when we talked about splitting cash for a dragon egg too... I wish we had went for that, but that was so long ago! :p
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  19. Happy birthday :)
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  20. Glad you found it interesting, thanks :D
    Thank you! :)