Matheus' D.D.A. - 11 PM EMC Time

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  1. Welcome to
    Matheus' Ducks and Death Arena (D.D.A.)!
    Cool image coming soon™
    Join me and my ducks in this battle against evil creatures, fluffy ducks and death itself!
    This event will be held at 11 PM EMC Time.

    There will be 3 rounds:
    1st round - No items round - Winner gets 300 tokens + drops
    2nd round - Regular items round - Winner gets 200 tokens + drops
    3rd round - No items round - Winner gets 300 tokens + drops

    /v mobarena on /smp5!

    Next event: 10/06
    Event information:
    Mob Arena is an event where you fight against several spawned in mobs. Last person alive wins.

    This event is exclusively PvE (Player versus Enemy). There is absolutely no PvP (Player versus Player) combat.

    My event currently has two different types of round:

    No items round: In this round, all players fight with absolutely no items in their inventory. This means no weapons, no armor, no tools, no food, no potions, no blocks, nothing. Strategy is a lot more important than combat skills in this round.

    Items round: In this round, you may bring in anything you want. However, do keep in mind that non-soulbound items will drop on death and you will not be able to recover those items. Only bring what you are willing to lose.
  2. Winners

    uriel155 - No items round #1
    PenguinDJ - Items round
    uriel155 - No items round #2

    Arystina - No items round #1
    PenguinDJ - Items round
    Naekal - No items round #2
  3. Awesome! The face does look perfect.
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  4. I'm not sure whether to be excited or horrified. And you're very right, even Elizabeth looks highly interested at the proposition of Ducks and Death: The REAL D&D
  5. I would love to come.
  6. Sounds cool! Hope I can make it!
  7. wish I could come!
  8. Won't be able to make it tonight! Have fun!, er i mean, Quack quack!
  9. Can't make it, have fun - watch out for the long toe hair
  10. My lord matheus,
    Tis I can't assist yer this time.
    But I'll help you take over em- I mean help everyone survive next time :p
  11. Ooh, sounds like fun! I am almost 90% certain that I may or may not be there!
  12. I will try to be there :D!

    Question, having never been to the mob arena before. Will my stuff drop if I die or does it remain in my inventory :0? I ask because I would prefer not to lose my sword I've had for almost 3 years now, heh :p
  13. Items will drop.
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  14. Matheus...

    Thanks for a great event this evening! I had a great time!
    BTW: I like the 11 pm EMC Timezone events. They work out well with my schedule.
  15. i pray 4 u matheus
  16. My dad might make me log off to go to bed so idk if I can make it...
  17. When I saw the avatar I thought this was 607's, at first. =P
  18. Ender's Report: 10/6 DDA

    Some of Matheus's Creations:

    Fat Zombie Heads

    The Fish Tank (without water :p)

    I had a great time and thanks for hosting Matheus! :)
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