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  1. Hello all, i am currently working on a 24 res event build and with all i am involved in irl, there's no way i could completely the project at a reasonable time . I am looking for master builders willing to help and get paid well. For this post, the job is to finish designing a museum i've been working on. Most of the exterior is done. The interior is what needs the most work. If interested, please post or send me a private message a picture of your work and we can discuss more details from there. The pay will be negotiated, materials can be provided and the due date will be extended to a longer period than most build jobs because of its size and complexity.

    To see the project, visit eli444 2 on utopia or click on the important locations tab in my signature and visit the museum link.
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  3. I love your tutorial s you r residential building skills is great! The job I currently have is a big museum so if you have previous work similar to the scale of a museum i would love to see it. However, once the museum is complete i will be working on a big city fairly similar to your residential style and I would definitely be interested in hiring you also for that job.

    However, designing is not what I'm having trouble with. It's the building process that's slowing me down and to finish at a reasonable time i need someone who can build and design alongside me. AS Of now the museum is on utopia so flying is enabled and I plan on moving the city's to utopia to do the same.
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  4. As soon as I walked into you museum, I was inspired to do things with it, I, looking at your builds, think I can mainly help you with landscaping (mainly gardening) I also really quite like the way you do your builds (going to Utopia) There's only one slight problem, I'm just as slow as you are :p Well, We're together twice as fast as alone I'd say :p
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