Massive 4th of July Celebration

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  1. On SMP7 today, several people attended a firework show prepared by Robobozo, Joshua_350z, and myself over at /v +July4th. I warn anyone who comes to the show tonight; there are 20+ fireworks that are constantly being shot, so FPS counts are going to drop. I would like to thank EMC's very own moderator, ElfinPineapple for attending for a few minutes to get in on the fun!

    For anyone who wants to come check it out, I will keep the fireworks running until tomorrow for anyone who couldn't make it at launch time.

    I also want to emphasize that you don't have to be American to attend the festivities at my castle. This is open for everyone who wants to experience the lag of a lifetime the beauty of 8-bit fireworks! (heh)

    Can't make it, but still want to see? Here's some pictures I took!

    Happy Independence Day to all players around the world!!!
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  2. Awesome, sucks I count of attend:( School is always in the way?
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  3. It'll be active all night, and will be shut off when I get up in the morning (more than likely around 10am-12pm emc/edt) :)
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