[Marvel Thread] Let's talk some Marvel! [Possible spoilers]

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  1. The Peggy Carter thing would have been more interesting if Steve didn’t come back after that fall off the train, and the episode led into a second episode about Steve Rogers being the Winter Soldier.

    The only other one I watched was Marvel Zombies. This one holds a special place in my heart because my dad owned the entire comic run and let me read it as my first Marvel comic when I was 13. They butchered it. Marvel Zombies needs its own anime-style adaptation where the characters are allowed to get ripped, torn and bitten to shreds and swear and have it all graphically depicted in a beautiful art style. The What If…? thing sucked and I’d prefer they never even bothered if Disney’s puritanical overlords won’t let them properly adapt it or run with the concept.
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