Married to a Mod-- Palmsugar and Torian42

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  1. Tonight 11/2/2013 Torian42 and Palmsugar were married. It was an intimate gathering of friends on SMP5 ,

    Guests: The_LEGEND4, watk4219, RainbowChin, HylianNinja, Shavingfoam, Penfoldex Alien9189 (on minechat), and Damiensmom11
    Best man: RainbowChin and shavingfoam
    Catering: Penfoldex
    Photographer and Officiator: Damiensmom11
    Groom: Torian42
    Bride: Palmsugar

    2013-11-02_22.03.28.png 2013-11-02_22.12.38.png 2013-11-02_22.12.40.png 2013-11-02_22.12.40.png 2013-11-02_22.12.38.png 2013-11-02_22.12.40.png 2013-11-02_22.12.42.png 2013-11-02_22.13.55.png 2013-11-02_22.14.02.png 2013-11-02_22.14.25.png 2013-11-02_22.15.02.png 2013-11-02_22.15.57.png 2013-11-02_22.15.58.png 2013-11-02_22.16.06.png 2013-11-02_22.16.10.png 2013-11-02_22.16.53.png 2013-11-02_22.16.54.png

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  2. 2013-11-02_22.37.24.png 2013-11-02_22.37.38.png 2013-11-02_22.37.48.png 2013-11-02_22.37.59.png 2013-11-02_22.39.44.png 2013-11-02_22.39.46.png 2013-11-02_22.39.51.png 2013-11-02_22.39.58.png 2013-11-02_22.40.02.png
    cake sharing and a kiss :D

    and jump on three :D

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  3. Congratz
  4. *sniff* 'twas so beautiful. :')
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  5. I missed it too :'(
  6. Congrats!
    Darn, I did miss it…expect cookies in the mail…(so set up hoppers)
  7. it was a beautiful ceremony :) so many screenshots XD

    2013-11-02_22.54.46.png 2013-11-02_22.54.55.png 2013-11-02_22.55.08.png 2013-11-02_22.55.13.png 2013-11-02_22.55.18.png 2013-11-02_22.55.25.png

    Fireworks by rainbowchin :)

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  8. Oh my. I thought Palm and Torian married IRL for a second...
  9. Scratch this. I was there. And brought dessert. Mission accomplished.
  10. Eww Public Displays of Affection ... demerits for you
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  11. Beautiful wedding. Minecon ain't got nothing on this :p.
  12. yes! we know how to throw a party on smp5! lol
  13. We certainly do :D
    So many cookies! >.< Thank you :p

    Thanks to everyone who came and helped out! It was a lot of fun!

  14. I've got more cookies if you want. :p
  15. i shall fix your edit in my post ;P
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  16. EMC's cutest couple ^_^
  17. gonna give this a morning bump so those members not on last night can see the good news too :p
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  18. Did I already say we're still doubting between a honeymoon to the Nether or to the End? :p
  19. hmmm im sure there are hideaways at both, :D
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  20. Find a nether fortress and deck it out. You can find one on a lava lake and take a swim :D.