Marlix... Something Needs To Change

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  1. So I have regretted fighting every marlix since they gave him 20 extra hp. Marlixes were supposedly made smarter, but I can't tell the difference. Every time I fight him, even if i have full durability on my unbr 3 diamond god armor, I have broken armor by the end of the fight. Now, the hp is ok, as long as some other mechanics are changed. One thing is the guardians, when u are trying to shoot marlix, they blast you with arrows, and u cant kill them fast enough to kill them then attack marlix, so its really hard to aim at marlix. Therefore, I think the time inbetween spawns should be reduced. Either that, or if it is possible, get rid of knockback for the guardians. Another thing is that when I do get a good shot, guardians spawn on top of me and take the hit for marlix, so maybe have them spawn a few blocks away from you. Another thing, is I used to do 2 damage per hit with my bow (same bow) and now I only do 1, and I do not know what causes this. And I forgot to mention, I RAGE badly when I fight marlix, so far because of marlix I have broken a chair, a controller, and a mouse, I may just need anger management classes, but still. I don't mind having a challenge, but this is just annoying now. Another thing I have noticed is marlixes spawn more, so maybe you could up the chance of momentuses spawning. Anyways, this is just a big ramble of mine about marlixes, comment if u agree with any of this.

    EDIT: Maybe enraged guardians could spawn everytime Marlix/Momentus Has Lost a certain amount of health? Like 5 health for marlix and 10 health for momentus.
  2. Sounds like everything is working as designed. It's not supposed to be easy and it's at a very good balance as is.
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  3. Well, I was told that marlixes were made harder to match the difficulty of momentus, and now momentus is way easier than marlix.
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  4. Try using horses. They're amazing for fighting Marlix.
  5. the damaged changed because max dmg is a % of marlix max HP. WE lowered HP, which lowered max damage.

    It ensures a minimum # of hits to kill a marlix.

    Marlix is an easier fight to 'survive' without dying, so thats counterbalanced with endurance...

    Momentus is easier to die, but shorter fights.

    Marlix also has a ton more loot to drop too...
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  6. ok thanks, definitely will do that
  7. Did you fix where Marlix dies from too much non player damage? :p
  8. I believe so, havent heard any more recent reports?
  9. The main thing I am trying to fix are the guardians. Maybe spawn them a few blocks away from players rather than on top, and maybe slow down the rate of spawnage or limit how many spawn.
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  10. If you don't like Marlix, you can turn off boss spawns with /ps
  11. You can limit their spawning by changing your difficulty level.
  12. -_-
    I like marlix, just the guardians should be limited some how
  13. they still spawn on top of u :/
  14. Poor Aikar, every time he fixes something about mini bosses we come back and complain about something else...
    Honoring this proud EMC tradition, here I come:
    I honestly enjoyed boss fights before, now not so much. There have been some major changes to Marlix lately, and I agree that the fight is now much closer to "what it was supposed to be", but the rewards aren't worth the time + items you lose anymore. Most people I know consider him just a nuisance, and I don't think that's something desirable for a boss in any game.
    That's why I don't fight Marlix anymore. I still fight Momentus purely because its fun, if it was purely for the rewards I wouldn't fight him anymore too. The next step here should be making the fight more fun and less... rage inducing.

    Also, the problem with item durability is obvious: too many mobs attacking you at the same time. As of 1.8 item durability decreases by one no matter how strong the attacker is (Momentus, Guardian or a silverfish). I don't think there's much to be done about this without completely revamping the mini boss system we have now. In 1.9 however this will change to a system where the attack damage is taken into consideration; this might be good news or bad news for mini boss fights, depending on how EMC handles this change.
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  15. I rarely right Marlix anymore because everytime I die, it gives the Marix full hp. So I have to lower my diff to 6, and that just seems worthless to fight. I think that on diff 7, it should only regain some health and on diff 8+ it should regain full health. I also had a couple times when guardians would spawn without a message.....
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  16. that was because of anti spam reasons, should be fixed now
  17. We've already slowed down guardians twice...

    I had staff fight marlix even before the change to make him even easier and they were able to survive.

    Making guardians even more easier further reduces the risk of death which is already low.
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  18. Just to chime in even though I already did so here.

    I fully agree with the comment about the guardians. The problem is that they spawn on top of you which requires that you switch from ranged attacks to melee. Last time I fought a Marlix I ended up with 2 stacks of bones and 3 stacks of arrows: solely from fighting guardians. Put short: it was a slug fest and not the ranged combat which Marlix should be.

    My biggest problem was that constantly fighting those guardians didn't put me one step closer to defeating Marlix, and that takes a lot of my fun away. I don't mind fighting a mini boss for half an hour or even an hour (irl time): as long as I'm making (some) progress.

    Here you defeat the guardians, you then search for Marlix (depending on the area of course) and the moment you found him you're back to fighting guardians again. Forget about aiming & shooting...

    This doesn't apply all the time, but still a lot of times.

    As mentioned in that other post: I really don't care that much about bigger loot drops. I care for having fun. I'm having fun when fighting Momentus because even if I die I know that every slash I make gets me one step closer to defeating him.

    Yet with Marlix all I seem to be doing is killing guardians. Which gets me tons of bones and arrows but it doesn't get me one step closer to my victory. So yeah, last time I fought I also eventually just gave up on it because it became boring.

    I did come back and defeated it afterwards, but... I can't say that I had a lot of fun.

    I'm having more fun chasing super turkeys around than fighting Marlix, I'm sorry to say but that's really how it is.
  19. If we reduce guardian spawns even more, we will have to re-up his HP and damage...
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  20. Yeah, true.

    Wouldn't it be possible to have the guardians spread around a bit? You might even be able to spawn in more (to make it
    harder) but it would allow players to focus on ranged attacks instead of melee and ranged. You'd still need to deal with the guardians, but it might allow opportunities to aim for Marlix as well.
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