Market Square?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Ahzrael, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. another idea somewhat related is if someone wanted to buy something but not at empireshop they could have a huge sign with people's shops on it so people would get more buisness without advertising and it would make easier bargain hunting and requires no additional coding what so ever
  2. Hmmm, I'm torn between yes and no. If there was limited space then the beauty of the shops would go down by a longshot. Plus, advertising would certainly be no more. Nobody will say, come to my shop! It's left, then down, then right, then up of the spawn!! Plus, prices would fight against eachother. You can't have two shops next to each other or else they will just lower and lower their prices for customer competition. If there were two chests next to each other people would choose the cheaper one. This would ruin the economy causing item prices, say a diamond, to fall to 10r. Whereas having to go from shop to shop slows down this process. Also, making shops helps create digging jobs. Usually people make their shops underground anyway to be out of the way of thier residence. The last problem is that people technically don't HAVE to make their shop at the market square. I do think it may be a good idea, and I do like the using rupees for expansion, but overall I don't really see the 'squeezing shops in residences' to be a problem.