Market Square?

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  1. So I have been playing around with this idea of having an open market type area for players to set up shop instead of having to find a way to integrate a store into their beautiful homes.

    The idea was birthed when I was wanting to compare the prices at different stores and I had to constantly check the number address of four to five residences. It would have been so much easier if I were able to just walk along an aisle of shops and look left and right to compare prices. Not only that, but I also found many of the homemade stores to be quite disorganized and a little messy. I myself, don't really have any quarrels against such a system, but I did recognize how a newer (or even lazy) player might feel a bit disoriented about having to check each and every store across the town tediously.

    So my idea, as a possible remedy for this situation, was to make a public marketplace. Maybe even have a generic booth system for those who don't wish to build their shop. Small plots would be available for people to buy so that they might build their own shops starting at 6x6 squares and more squares being available in payed (in rupees) upgrades. The limited space of the stores would make people have to choose wisely what they would sell and could even bring a potentially more in-depth economy and business perspective for all players.

    I know that there are a few holes in the idea, but I would love to hear what you all have to say about it. Please don't hesitate to give any criticism or additions to the idea that I know you all have.

    Ready. Set. Discuss!!!
  2. I love this idea and I think it would help out a lot
    Good thinking Ahzrael
  3. Sorry bro,Your too late,I already had this descussion with justin and he´s promised to work on it...
    I tried to build it using the existing system,But failed.....
    But Still,Great idea.
  4. It´s never Too late
  5. @ thestar19: Excellent then! If Justin has already said that he's willing to work on it, then all that's left to do is expand on the idea as a community! We should discuss and figure out details and other such things while we wait. And who knows? Maybe because we're talking about it and refining it, Justin might implement it sooner than later.

    @ GameKribDuck: Thanks for the support Duck! Is there anything in particular you would want to see in the marketplace?

    @ AusQB: Same question I asked Duck.
  6. I had considered this concept shortly after the shop mod was introduced, but I have to go against it for the following reasons:
    • sub-plot permissions would be somewhat tricky
    • immediate exposure to competitors would cause people to constantly undercut prices, resulting in everyone selling at the same price
    The reason public markets work in real life is because each vendor sells almost entirely unique items. Patrons are not walking around trying to find the best price for a particular product, they are walking around looking at the different products on offer.

    There is too large a focus on selling everything available instead of focusing on a specific market segment, meaning that there is very little exchange of goods for the purposes of resale.
  7. I Understand what you mean,But I still think that you shuld have the ability to buy cheap stuff from other players at some sort of market,Becuse Right know,Almost always when I visit a shop,This is the only thing that i get :
    The stock is empty...
  8. This
  9. Well, even if/when we do have some sort of market, they would still need to keep their store stocked, so negligent store owners would still be seen as empty.
  10. I had thought about both of those problems, luckily. To hurdle the "sub-plot permissions" wall, all we would need to do is create a smaller version of our current grid system of claimable plots. Which bleeds into the answer for the second problem, making the claimable plots really small (as I said before 4x4 or 5x5 at most) with pre-made booths that only allow players to put up 3-5 signs maximum. The limited room would cause players to choose more carefully what they sell, and allow them to actually keep up with re-stocking their supplies.

    As far as the everyone selling at the same price goes, people should only sell so low, otherwise they lose money. So what if two or even three stores have the same price? It just means that once one of the said stores runs out of stock (which they tend to do because many people like to buy in bulk), you can move on to the next one.

    Do you think those conditions might help remedy those potential faults?
  11. In theory it makes sense, but it comes down to how much work it is for the guys. Plus it wouldn't be fair if all the room becomes occupied and newcomers cannot participate. We already have the issue now of defunct residences left behind by absent members.

    Once the prices all converge at the lowest profitable point, it is unfair to the vendors to simply purchase based on geographic convenience. The only way to counter this is to make sub-plots closer to the spawn much more expensive than those further away, but that's getting far too complex.

    I'm not purposely trying to undermine your efforts, I'm just expressing my opinions in the best interests of the server.
  12. I suppose the greatest downside to it would be the complications of placement for the shops. But I still feel that it might be better than our current system. When it comes down to it, this idea is nearly identical to our current system, it's just smaller and not in our homes.

    And I know you're not trying to undermine efforts. I'm actually really enjoying this tennis-like conversation as it keeps the thought process moving, and potentially makes our server better!
  13. Well I'm certainly not opposing the thought of at least affording it a trial period. It would be an excuse to utilize one of the large common areas, unless there are bigger plans already in store for them.
  14. Ya and could we plz make shops that dont require chests like the empire store it looks faancy
  15. Chests are required Duck because you need something to hold your inventory. Since the store is unlimited, it doesn't need them. I'm sure if you were creative though you could make something look cool. :)
  16. as a noob to MC i will say it is a great idea and would make things look more lifelike in the sense of a "market" district that is all.

  17. I think that a 5x5 or 6x6 pot where you could build a store with your entire item inventory in one spot is a good idea, but what if there were sections of items where everyone could claim a block or 2 in said section. For example a section for selling stone where anyone can go and set up a stone store, like brewing_master and GameKrib Jim could set up right beside each other.
  18. That only makes the situation worse. Say someone goes to said "stone section" and see five stalls right next to each other all selling stone. If they all sell a stack of stone for 2 rupees except for one which sells at 1 rupee, the other four will set their price at 1 rupee or less.
  19. I don’t see a problem with that and here why. Every body has the same opportunity’s to find and get materiel. If there are players willing to give up that materiel for a lower price than others that’s fine, and if those other’s want to match that pricing that fine also. I don’t think we will ever see diamond or gold for .01 rupee like you are suggesting. All thought we may see some competitive pricing witch would be a benefit to everyone. Ok, lets said that everyone were to under cut each other like you have suggested, the prices would get lower and lower right. No they would most likely run out of materiel at to fast of a rate to catch up with demand. As a result they would have to raise prices or never have any thing in stock. If they continually don’t have items in there store the places with the supply will get the players business plan and simple.
  20. I just don't like the idea of item-based zoning. Cut the area into 10x5 plots (or thereabouts) to allow space for chests and minor decoration that players can claim and/or purchase (perhaps claim first one and purchase additional).