Market Square?

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  1. Lets not get out of hand everyone, getting a bit off topic :)
  2. Awww Justin beat me to it... AGAIN
  3. sneeker i am a normal member like you and i have a succesful shop i make an average of around 300 per day including bonus yet i am content to be not a supporter(though i have plans to become one) because you just have to run a good shop be smart about it and say "i do" when someone asks who sells what item
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  4. Oh I was referring to when the empire had floaty items from I think it was fractions "showcase"
  5. Ah yes i know what your talking about but it would have to keep track of how many items in stock floating
  6. They don't use the plugin showcase anymore because one of there plugins didn't work very well with it.
  7. "Successful" Supporter shops generate about 700 rupees a day. So no, not successful. I generate about 250 rupees a day, but still, compared to supporters, not very successful.
  8. sneeker the thing is that they pay money... actuall cash money.. they deserve perks!
  9. Anyway, back to the subject...

    It would be really nice to have some sort of town centre that also gave people reasons to be there. As it is, because of /home, I never really see anybody in public. The market square would be fun, and I'd love a place to socialize.
  10. I know, but it is Called SUPORTING not SUCSRBING. But still the deserve perks. Just dont want them to become SUPER OP. Moderately op is okay. Just not super overpowered. maybe we should start a petition for this to be testes out?
  11. Sneeker tell me how they are over op? 20$ is enough for 1300 rupees!
  12. I mean compared to us......
  13. I did know that because they wanted people to be able to sell for themselves :)
  14. Well If you were on smp2 you could ask someone to meet at /park but then again I like your idea because on each server town there is still a spare 120x120 gap where it could go But I don't know if there is one on smp1 well there's one on smp2 anyway.
  15. Hmm.. I do like the /park idea.

    A thought for the market square... it would be nice for those of us who build machines to be able to demo them in public in order to get people excited about paying us to make them in their homes.
  16. we
    Well on smp2 yo can do /park anyway

    But i know what you mean with the other part :)
  17. Hmmm, I'm torn between yes and no. If there was limited space then the beauty of the shops would go down by a longshot. Plus, advertising would certainly be no more. Nobody will say, come to my shop! It's left, then down, then right, then up of the spawn!! Plus, prices would fight against eachother. You can't have two shops next to each other or else they will just lower and lower their prices for customer competition. If there were two chests next to each other people would choose the cheaper one. This would ruin the economy causing item prices, say a diamond, to fall to 10r. Whereas having to go from shop to shop slows down this process. Also, making shops helps create digging jobs. Usually people make their shops underground anyway to be out of the way of thier residence. The last problem is that people technically don't HAVE to make their shop at the market square. I do think it may be a good idea, and I do like the using rupees for expansion, but overall I don't really see the 'squeezing shops in residences' to be a problem.