Mardi Gras 2020: Eat the King Cake

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  1. Mardi Gras 2020!!!
    Come celebrate Mardi Gras as we eat King Cake!
    (I hope you're hungry because The_Boulder misread the recipe and it's HUUUUUUGE!)

    The feast is served at 6 pm EMC time in Funland!
    TUESDAY, February 25th
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    nola has two more parades tomorrow (Zulu and Rex, google both pls) before season ends so i MAY be there ??

    if i'm not, have a fun time!
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  3. What flavor? I hope it's boulder flavor.
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  4. Viva las Mardi Gras :p Let's enjoy a good party but not party :)

  5. *The_Boulder reading the recipe *

    3 C flour.... C? that must mean 3 Car loads
  6. Has he outbaked Hashhog?
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  7. Ahh, we get to eat our cake and have it, too. Wonderful . . . !!! :rolleyes:

    The Sus
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  8. Watch out, Hash! You have competition ;)
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  9. Today I learnt that 'carnaval' is called 'carnival' in English. :o (this is interesting to me because since my early youth I have played a video game that includes a "carnival" cheat, and as I supposed that it was a reference to the parades (because the cheat unlocks all cars), I sometimes wondered why they changed the 'a' to an 'i'. Turns out they did not. :p

    Anyway, sounds and looks like a fun event! :)
  10. Starting super soon! We have plenty of cake for people running late, but hurry!
  11. Hope the Event went good..

    On Night shift this week so couldn’t attend

    Lastly go big or go home comes to cooking...
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  12. Hey gang. Hope you Had a great event. Happy Mardi Gras!
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  13. Hey Vik - somebody (a bolder) is using our motto, lol. *pun intended*

    The Sus :rolleyes:
  14. Did someone say CAKE?
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