[March] 5k Contest (smp8)

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  1. 2013-03-08_17.22.28.png 2013-03-08_17.25.17.png The Basics: Contest starts March 7th, 2013 and ends March 18th.

    -Build your own 5x5 fountain and one lamp post. Show me what you have built.
    -If I choose your build, you will be rewarded 5,000r.

    I've recently upgraded my residence- the middle part, and I wasn't sure if what I came up with was good. So I'm creating a contest.

    People will build their own 5x5 fountain and their own glowstone/redstone lamp post at their own residence(s) or in a creative world and show me when I visit/ or post pictures.

    Reward: If I think your idea is good and I use it, you will be rewarded 5,000 rupees.

    Note- Please reply if you have any questions and/or if you want to show me what you have.
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  2. Are the fountain and lampost supposed to be connected in some way, or are they two completely different things?
  3. Two different things; Come to residence 16097 if you want to see a reference.
  4. Does it have to be in EMC or can we do it in creative mode in our single player worlds?
    (Edit) Nevermind....i cannot read apparently....
  5. Residence 3042 - SMP2.
    Here are a few pictures:

    Note: The Jack o' Lanterns are not part of it.
  6. Hello Ultimamaxx

    I came up with a design for your residence. It can be shown below (built on an individual test world).
    2013-03-07_23.33.10.png 2013-03-07_23.40.29.png 2013-03-07_23.41.27.png
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  7. I can build mine at my residence, the fountain and one lamp.
  8. ItsMeMathius is winning.
  9. My version, built in a creative world. 2013-03-09_13.05.43.png 2013-03-09_13.05.49.png 2013-03-09_13.05.54.png
  10. If you want a higher chance of winning, use iron blocks and stone slabs.
  11. Explain how using certain block increase your rate of winning?
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  12. This is unfair because some,people might not have access to iron blocks.
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  13. *cough* Creative mode *cough*
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  14. you cant use creative mode...
  15. Also, does it have to be 5x5?
  16. I meant to change it earlier, but I forgot. It's changed now.
  17. My fountain and lampposts :D

    I added the special stone bricks because i felt it needed a bit more "personality" I hope you like it :p
  18. Spenser6, your pictures aren't showing.
  19. It seems to be doing that quite a bit for my pictures recently.....give me a sec i will try to fix it