Many Updates / EULA Compliance Update - 8/21/14

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  1. EDIT: Some of you are likely reading this due to the in game warning, so let me clear a few common misconceptions up about what happens when perks start getting removed:
    • Your extra Residences WILL NOT be deleted, only your "max cap" as shown on /res will go down, just the same as it always has if you lost your supporter status before.

      Diamond Members will go to 4/2 residences (1 permanent boost under grandfather clause), unless you purchased vouchers to raise your permanent cap higher.
    • No Free player will be kicked from Utopia or any SMP to "make room for supporters". Once you connect, you can stay on until you disconnect or go AFK too long when server is full.
    • Free players are going to be allowed on Utopia still, but the goal is to make free players have to wait in line to join if server is full (which once the queue is in place, it will have a reduced cap of 5)
    Hey everyone! MAJOR News for free players in this update. As I've said in other places, we are focusing on the "Adding" side of things for changes to our Supporter system in order to be compliant.

    So by adding we mean either a new feature to current supporters, or supporter features given to everyone, and by removing I mean taking away an ability that supporters received.

    Today, quite a few are now opening up (and more to come soon). We're not compliant yet, but this is yet another wave of updates working towards compliance!
    • Utopia max players has been reduced to 5 per our plans for making Utopia EULA compliant.

      Free players can not leave Town yet, but we have reduced the player count ahead of time since we are opening up the Utopia perk of Flying in Town.
      Temp reverted until we have the improved queue experience in place.
    • All players can now fly in Utopia Town
    • All players can now use TNT (All Servers, Town & Wild!)
    • TNT Detonation Rate: Rate limited so that TNT will not have much impact on server performance (See for tech details), but still allows 4-8~ TNT detonated per second. So small scale TNT usage will be unaffected.
    • TNT will only destroy the following blocks outside of town: Dirt, Grass, Cobblestone, Stone, Sand, Gravel.

      This prevents TNT from being able to be used for griefing but lets it be used for blast mining
    • TNT will no longer chain react outside of Town, but this may change
    • Pistons can no longer be broken in the Wastelands/Frontier from the extended portion. This is so users can not get around the grief detecting system.
    • Town roads now trigger the healing effect in Town (yes that was a long standing bug)
    • Fishing rods now PROPERLY take damage in "itemdamage=false" zones (PvP)
    • A new Residence flag "fish" has been added for players to control who can fish on their Residence
    • Fixed a bug in Group XP sharing code that tried to implode the world (divide by zero when no members of the group that last hit a monster was near it)
    • When a player switches servers to a server they have not been on before, they will be given another copy of the Empire Assistant
    • Additionally, when a player switches to a server they have not been on before, they are warned that their items did not transfer, and they are given the command to go back, with instructions to put the items in the Vault.
    That is all for now! Please report issues asap.
  2. Another update that looks like it is going to be great great job Aikar
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  3. What's considered new in this case? The first day they're online, first week, first few hours?
  4. When the server doesn't have a player data file for you, that is "first time seen".

    So a player who's been on the empire for 6 months but never switched will still see the message.

    I removed the word new
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  5. good update man. we are 1 step closer.
    In desperate need of the voters res vouchers though....
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  6. So lets say there is 5 players on Utopia, and then a supporter wants to join. They can't join? :S
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  7. Supporters bypass the limit as they always have.
  8. This is awesome, I really wanted to be able to use tnt
  9. Mental note: All player can now fly on utopia.

    You don't know how many times I almost banned diamond supporters on utopia. When you see someone fly past, you automativaly react HAXX and grab the ban hammer.
  10. Utopia TOWN

    I will still grab the ban hammer if you are flying in the wild....
  11. I still think that people with a res on utopia who aren't supporters anymore should be able to access it with being in the queue.
    EDIT: only 5 people allowed on Utopia at once... that's VERY low for a server that averages over 250 players daily. Wouldn't 10 be better? Most of the time there's 4-8 people AFK on utopia constantly, that means us free players will almost never be able to access our res's, which some of us have worked for hours on end to make.
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  12. I disagree. Think of it this way: if you were gifted gold for one month you could have grabbed a residence on utopia and now you want the same perks as a supporter on there, but you never actually supported (or you did for a very small time). That should be reserved for current supporters only as it was meant to be.
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  13. sounds good! keep up the guude work Aikar
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  14. In Utopia, I got kicked for "Idling too long" as only 5 or 6 people were online...
  15. Soooooooo Does anyone wanna help me take apart the 5 DC's of Obsidian from my Utopia plot? 5105 Would rather not see it get reset and go to waste.

    If I can't get a massive crowd of people to enjoy the residence I'm making there, then why have it at all?
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  16. Oh god, why... :eek:
  17. Aww yus great update! Thanks Aikar :D
  18. If I wasn't so damn busy all week I would help. I can probably help this weekend though.
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  19. Finally, The TnT Will Sell! :D
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  20. Thats if you can even get onto Utopia these days.
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