Man Chased by Cow?

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  1. I laughed at this way more than I should have...:oops:
  2. What can I say, he was all up in my grill.
  3. Should have shown him his badge.

    Kudos if you get this reference :3
  4. But that cow wasn't purple.
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  5. ICC has multiple skin layers, he sheds his colors.
  6. Rainbowchin + IcecreamCow = that
  7. Plot twist: That was a griefer
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  8. Wow... goes from a girl talking to a horse to a man screaming/running for his life... thats diffrent
  9. Don't blame you bro, I would've done the same.
  10. Just remembered, sounds like me when I was being chased by a chicken once, Though I'm sure that cow could do much more harm.
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  11. Funny, you said grill and,
  12. If you think ICC is bad, then see what happens when chickeneer is pissed.
  13. *Looks for other videos that start with "Man get chased by..."*:p
  14. Meh this is nothing, in Denmark a cow was chased by the police :3

    I can't find the darn video tho :/