Mall at 13131 Need's You

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  1. Hi again from The Smp6 MAll. This is a msg for you :D yes you reading it.

    I need some suppliers of sandstone and cobblestone at the moment but I buy most items that i sell in shop but these are always needed.

    I have 2 great cobblestone suppliers, unfortunately both have project's to do on their res atm and I find I need a few more to help out.

    I pay 20r a stack for cobble and 100r a stack for sandstone.

    Although I have a sell shop set up you can also use the normal shops to sell to the mall,

    Left click to buy - right click to sell

    If your from a server other then smp6 you are still welcome but you will need to use the /vault system this has a charge of 10r every time you open it. I pay no extra for this sorry

    To use /vault do it in town shift click your items into it log out of your server and then log into do /vault again and using shift click remove the items into your inventory then sell to the shops. simple
  2. I'll see what i can do
  3. I got tons of cobble
  4. Is the sell price for cobble not abit low?
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  5. It would help to sell regular stone, lol. That's all I'm collecting right now.
  6. Do you expect him to buy it at 30 and sell it for 31?
  7. No need to be *****.

    It was just a simple question, and cobblestone was worth more back when I had a "shop"
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  8. It lets me buy but not sell :/
  9. On all the time I've played this It's always been like 25r~ the stack for me.
  10. Nvm it was just lag
  11. I can excavate a desert or two in my spare time. If I can get better offers for my sand, however, you will have to compete or risk losing the supply from me.