[Mall] 14441 Mall Now Open @ /v +tl

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  1. 14441 mall is now open - smp7's largest underground mall!

    Visit at /v +tl on smp7!

  2. I like it
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  3. Looks pritty good, it even is one of the nicest malls I'ave ever seen on emc. I do also like the fact that you do clearlay have your own Ideas on what a mall should be. You're only selling the basic items, for a not-over-the-top price :)
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  4. Nice Job! Very clean look. What texture pack is that? I love the wool colors.
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  5. Thanks. The texture pack is Faithful 64x64 - it's essentially default textures but a higher resolution.
  6. oh ok, the wool just looked a little brighter
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  7. Mall has moved from 15653 to 14441.
  8. nice res number
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  9. hmmm this mall, it looks, better than mine XD
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  10. " smp7's largest mall @ 14441 click here for more info"

    my mall is just as large
  11. When i'm blind
  12. Nice, good luck
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