Malaysia Flight 17

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  1. This morning (eastern US) Malaysian flight 17 was shot down by what is supposed to be a ground to air missile. It is a huge tragedy, 295 civilians are dead. This is even more of a fragile situation than you think. The plane was shot down over countryside Ukraine, 31 miles from the Russian border. Politically, both Ukraine and Russia are hanging by a thread, a thread that is coming apart. It is an extremely major event worldwide, and if Russia keeps up with the assistance of the rebels in Ukraine, and they keep blaming the Ukrainian government, this could end very poorly for both of them. After the Boeing 777 was shot down, Russia started shooting down multiple ukrianian military aircraft.
    I don't know how this will end, but god bless Ukraine and this will hopefully stay cool.
    Source: CNN live

    Edit: I know about the typo in the title. It has already been reported.
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  2. Update: 298 people are dead now. 15 crew 283 passengers.
    I am posting as I watch on CNN.

    Don't take anything As definite yet, this is still very early in the investigation.
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    That is a link to a flipboard magazine on the issue. They have a bunch of good articles about it.
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  4. WAR! It's coming!!

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  5. I would like a link to this. Two Ukrainian military aircraft were shot down before the civilian jet. I have heard nothing about after.
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  6. Yeah, there haven't been any other aircraft shot down since this was.

    I've been watching the news on this for a while and its pretty sad. The scariest thing though is that I basically flew this flight (I flew London-Singapore instead of Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur) two weeks ago, although my flight flew around Ukraine though.

    Hopefully this will help end all of the fighting in the region.
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  7. It's possible that the Ukrainian's shot down the plane in retaliation thinking it was a Russian plane.
  8. Yeah, but at this point Russia just want to annoy all the other countries that exist.
  9. I wouldn't quite say that... but political arguments don't get anywhere on the internet, so I'll stop here.
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  10. Both sides are guilty. And both sides are saints. There is blood on Ukraine's and Russia's hands. There is also blood on the USA's hands. We are a big, yet forgotten, part of this conflict and it pretty much all stems from the fall of the Soviets (end of the Cold War) in 91.
  11. There's no reason for them to want to short down a plane at that height. Russia operates three types of bombers but why they'd want to start dropping bomb is anyones guess. Ukraine operates a few bombers, one of which was shot down a few weeks ago, but these are more likely to be operated at low altitude. They do have a number of multirole fighters capable of carrying nuclear weaponry, but most of these are under the control of the separatists (scary thought). The US is, as far as I know, the only country in the world operating aircraft (B-52's) that would operate at those altitudes during military operation.

    Basically, I think it was an accident. Someone (most likely Russian separatists) had a few missiles, saw a plane and hit the fire button.
  12. And that is what it is turning out to look like the most likely thing that happened, (again based on CNN) hopefully airliners will actually not fly over a war zone... They already agreed to it but everyone is apparantly not following that rule they set in place.
  13. For anyone interested, the aircrafts flight recorders have been retrieved by the Ukrainian government and not the Russian government as first thought. This should allow for a impartial, international investigation.
  14. It's things like this that make me sad. The world would be so much better if countries were able to get along and exchange delicious cultural foods instead of killing innocent people. :(
  15. Or someone who shouldn't have the missiles (the seperatists :p) got a bit too trigger happy and thought it'd be fun to volley a couple of them at a plane passing overhead.

    Also, I think that it's very likely Russia are going to invade Ukraine.
  16. My theory is that the plane was shot down by pro-Russian rebels, using a sophisticated SAM system obtained through state sponsorship from the Russian government.

    Should the international community escalate the pressure on Russia as a result of this? Well, 550 Ukrainian civilians have already been killed in the conflict, as well as 294 Ukrainian soldiers, a total of 844 deaths, not to mention over 54,000 Ukrainians who have been displaced, the 2.4 million Crimeans being deprived of their right to self-determination by the Russian invasion, and 6.6 million people in Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts being deprived of their right to self-determination by the pro-Russian insurgency.

    Now, the deaths of 300 people will be a significant increase to the 844 deaths which have already occurred. In my view, there should have been some sort of effort to lock Russia out of the international community completely, and this is further cause for such a thing to be done. Will Russia be locked out of the international community? Probably not, Obama doesn't have enough of a spine, he'll just impose more sanctions. Sanctions are helpful, one sanction caused a Russian stock exchange to lose 4% of its value, but we need more than that.

    That's what should happen, but in reality, what can we expect to happen?
    Well, this flight is known to regularly carry a huge mix of different people of different nationalities. This flight carried people from at least 11 different countries. In addition to the 108 delegates to the 20th International AIDS Conference, including a former president of the International AIDS Society, a Dutch senator also died, and more information is bound to come. Because of the mix of nationalities, we can expect an escalation of action against Russia from all 11 countries.

    Because of this, there will almost certainly be an escalation of tensions between the West and Russia, and it will be interesting to see how this will affect the conflict.
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  17. I honestly feel this inappropriate to discuss on a forum with young members.
  18. Why?
  19. We're talking civilians, perhaps someone could be involved?
  20. *runs out door suspiciously*