Making my own game..Need ideas from the EMC community :D

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by synth_apparition, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. So, i've decided to make a game. I think it's going to be a steampunk game where you control, and manage, a country. You can go to war with other countries and such. I need ideas for a name. Will update OP as I go along :p
  2. I say hide IcecreamCow somewhere as an easter egg ;)
  3. Risk. :p Jk
    Global Warfare.
    War for Earth.
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  4. I think it would be better if you put a Tomato in there as an Easter egg.
  5. Or better yet: An Easter egg as an Easter egg.:rolleyes:
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  6. Put me as an easter egg! They'll flip when they see me!
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  7. I find it rather hard to come up with a name for a steampunk game...
    Try something that can mean anything, like Project [INSERT SOME WORD HERE].
    Also, what programming language do you use?
  8. Conquest and I like 'risk'
  9. I use Java. Eclipse, to be exact. I do, however, have a basic idea down in scratch.
    Defo xD
    You read my mind... No, you didn't, i'm just going to add that in :p
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  10. Idea! Come up with some intricate backstory for, I don't know, all the nations origins, then have Crazy see if he can make it into an incomprehensible code! He seems to love codes!
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  11. you could combind all the ideas you got in to one
  12. Just put all the EMC staff in a room somewhere.
  13. Also, might I add, your game idea reminds me of Civ V's Empire of the Smoky Skies or something scenario.
  14. I'm kind of basing it off games like that, just with a steampunk style and EMC ideas.
  15. No, I think you're misunderstanding.
  16. There are alot of games like this. If you need ideas look at them.
  17. *Reads title*
    So many ideas
    *Reads OP*
    Oh.... Nevermind.
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  18. LOL. Im making a game too, got one in works with my friends, but mind giving me the ideas you had for his?
  19. Well my game idea was like a whole idea, the whole game was this, my idea was like a survival game, your are either a predator or prey.
  20. That sounds like a good idea... Thanks and PM me if u come up with some more ideas...