Mairlax's Brother (Mini-Boss) and Mairlax being a Wither Skeleton

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YAy! 5 vote(s) 26.3%
Neigh! NO!! 11 vote(s) 57.9%
Half and Half 3 vote(s) 15.8%
  1. First, Mairlax's Brother. His name is the Mairlax Iceskull (BTW, I made up that name up). He should be able to throw you away from him saying "Mairlax Iceskull blows you away". Doesn't summon any minions but takes 50% less damage from a bow, and 50% more damage from hitting (Even fists do 50% more damage). He can drop these items, same drop chance as Mairlax (Egisting already) of Bow and armor. All of these are Final and Soulbound (Like other Mini-Boss drops) 2013-09-18_09.24.05.png 2013-09-18_09.24.15.png 2013-09-18_09.24.26.png 2013-09-18_09.24.36.png 2013-09-18_09.24.46.png
  2. Your been going crazy with the suggestions lately.... even if they are added.... You won't be un-banned...
  3. Its marlix not mairlax
  4. Well... IDC (I don't care)!
  5. At least you are trying to give suggestions which is good. I think it's good to keep on suggesting because then it can lead to other suggestions that can be helpful.
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  7. I know what idc means....
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  8. Again it's marlix please change op it's annoying
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  10. Not enraged, Miniboss.
  11. Who said anything about Enraged mobs?
  12. I think the admins have things way more important to work on than this. In my opinion, enraged zombies, creepers, and skeletons are enough. Same for the two bosses.
  13. The enraged mobs are coming, Aikar did say so :p
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  14. I know he said that, but I don't believe they'll come very soon. :)
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  15. I think he is coming up with ideas,so maybe,just maybe the staff will unban him,but in reality... he won't get unban...
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  16. Personally, I feel like these mob drops are a bit OP ... they have higher stats than the 60k Member items for 6k ... And those were supposed to be exclusive... if these are added, then the others are practically useless besides being collectibles.

    Only way feasible, In my Opinion, that these could be implemented, would be if the stats were brought down a Notch level.
  17. I agree and disagree, If you have a team,then it will be easier..
  18. I see what you did there :p