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  1. I sent a book by mail and was charged 50r for it today.
    It was an enchanted book, but the wiki makes no distinction about those. I checked the wiki to verify. Just says books.
    So either the wiki needs adjusted to reflect enchanted books or there is a "mail bug"

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  2. I always thought it was written books and book & quill that we're free.
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  3. This is the second line in the wiki ;)
    There is a 50-rupee fee per item slot used for non-book items. This means that if you are only sending text-based messages, the mailing service is free!
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  4. This is interesting. The "free" status was never intended to included enchanted books (they are a separate item from written books). But it does make me wonder whether they should be included in the future.

    I encourage people to give feedback whether they think they should be included.
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  5. I say keep it to just written books. This makes so anyone can send another person a message through mail and not worry about having to pay for it.
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  6. I would argue that an enchanted-book is not a non-book item according to that definition.
    As stated in OP, if this is the case, then I would like the wiki clarified for enchanted books as being a game item. Just to keep everything clear.
    Otherwise, it is a book and should be free.

    It seems simple enough to me.
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  7. I will add further clarification for that soon. Chicken, let me know if anything changes in that area. :)
  8. As of this time. I plan on leaving it as is. So it should be updated to state that enchanted books are not included... Only the written book variant signed or unsigned.
  9. Thank you much for the quick clarification and attention to the wiki Chickeneer and Moople :D

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  10. For thoroughness. It should be noted that just books, like what drop from bookcases, would also be not free.
  11. Huh. So it is literally a book and quill that is the ONLY thing that mails for free.
    Also good to know.

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  12. Well... You can sign it. And send the written book.
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