Mail in wild

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Roslyn, Oct 23, 2015.

  1. When will this be a thing? Been like this 5ever.
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  2. Just wait Aikar has already said in the next major update they will add this.
  3. Where?
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  4. I was wondering the same as Roslyn when I saw Aikar on in-game. I asked him some questions and one of them was this, he answered that it would be in the next major update.
  5. If I had a screenshot I would have been a stalker. I don't take screenshots daily, Also why should I lie.
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  6. To turn us against each other.

  7. I totally forgot that was even in the message.

    One day :/ some the code is actually in place, just gotta get back to it to finish.
  8. Goldies too, please? :)
  9. yeah im a goldie 24/7, and im not becoming diamond because there is no such thing as a blue banana
    I'm in the wild 75% i am on
  10. SOOOO looking 4ward to this. Going to be so handy when I'm at waste and some1 mails me something :D