Macro/Mod Help for Novice?

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  1. Hello All,

    I've been playing for a little while now, having a great time. Only, i get lost... easily... haha. If i understand correctly we are allowed to use the mods as listed in the wiki, only I don't know how. All I really want is an on screen compass so I know what way i'm headed in my wanderings. I tried to download one of the listed mods but I don't know how to make it work. What's worse is I'm afraid of doing it wrong and ending up banned by innocent mistake. Can anyone help me out?
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  2. Make sure you have forge installed.
    Your mods need to go in a folder in .minecraft called "Mods"
    You need to load the game with the forge version running (for 1.10.2 it would be "forge 1.10.2 then a load of numbers :p)
    Also make sure VBO's are enabled in your video settings, this is known to crash people who use mods and this can be a common fix. downloads for forge.

    Hope this helped (I tried :p)
  3. Thanks for the attempt. I'm failing though haha.
  4. Here is a step by step guide on how to get something set up:
    1. click this link. It will download Forge 1.9.4. Run the file when it finishes downloading. There should be a button to install.
    2. Open up the Minecraft launcher and look at the profile list. You should have something called forge in there. Choose it and run the game. Once everything loads up and appears to be running, exit Minecraft.
    3. Download your mod. I don't know which one you want so I can't give you exact instructions. Bascially, you will likely be downloading it from either Planet Minecraft or the Minecraft forums. Try to find a download link for the mod you want. It will be a file ending in .zip.
    4. Figure out where the file downloaded to. It is most likely in your Downloads folder but some browsers will drop stuff into the Documents folder. Copy the file. Once copied, click on the adress bar in file explorer and type %appdata% and click enter. This will bring you to the appdata folder.
    5. Click on the .minecraft folder. Click on the mods folder inside of it. Paste your mod into the mods folder.
    6. Run minecraft. Make sure the forge profile is selected. Once it loads, there will be a mods button on the main screen. Click it and look for your mod in the list. If it isn't listed, something went wrong.

    Don't worry about accidently getting banned for installing a mod incorrectly, that won't happen.

    The "hardest" part in this entire process is making sure you download the mod and don't accidently download something else. This isn't really anything to worry about though. If you have an adblock this won't be a problem. If you don't have an adblock, just make sure the file is actually for the mod. Mods for minecraft are never programs (except for optifine and forge) and should never be run by double clicking them. If a mod is an executable file or opens up a program when run, delete it and try again. No harm will be done as long as you don't grant things adminstrative access.
  5. Remember:

    DO NOT DOWNLOAD ANYTHING THAT APPEARS ON ADF.LY is okay, but you MUST hit the "Skip Ad" button. Anything advertises as freeware is absolutely NOT. Just hit Skip And you will be fine ;)

    EDIT: You can download 1.10 Forge if you'd like, as long as the version of forge matches the version of the mod you need.
  6. Introducing the 1st edition of Carbonyx's Mod Installer Guide! Full of mistakes! Over 0 copies sold!

    1- head over to the forge website.
    2- choose your version of forge (probably 1.10, but they have other versions, if ya please)
    3- open the newly downloaded file and follow the prompts (should say something like "Install Client"? But you'll know which button to press
    4- In your Windows file manager, type %appdata% in the search bar
    5- click .minecraft
    6- observe the new mods folder
    7- be proud that you have downloaded forge

    How to install a mod

    1- look for a mod (for a compass type, I highly recommend Xareo's Minimap (100% legal on EMC)
    2- download the file
    3- This is how I like to do it-----

    1a-on the lower section of your browser, where the file shows up, click the little arrow
    2a- click "show in folder"
    3a- right click the mod
    4a- click "cut"
    5a- go to %appdata% ---> .minecraft ---> mods
    6a- right click
    7a- click paste
    8a- be proud, you have installed a mod
    9a- start minecraft
    10a- in your profiles list, choose forge
    11a- it should be ready, but if needed, go to "edit profile" and then go to the versions list and choose your version of forge


  7. Well, the others have already provided a lot of info, can't help myself to add my share. Some time ago I even wrote a guide for this, you can find that one here.

    But another thing: did you know the compass can also be used to find your way around? The moment you head out into the Wastelands (or Frontier) then your compass will always point to the outpost. So if you want to head back: just follow your compass!

    If you die and need to find your way back? Compass! If you die then it'll automatically point to your death point. Follow the compass and you'll retrieve your stuff in no time!

    Want to know the best part? If you use: /assist new then you'll get your own soulbound (=you can never lose it) compass!

    For a full overview on what the compass can do you might like this guide which I once wrote ;)

    Hope this can also help you out.
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